Special Roundup: Sudan

Sudanese took to the streets in December 2018 and following the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, they have been demanding civilian rule and practicing civil disobedience. As the struggle for the future of the country continues to unfold, Maydan has prepared this non-exhaustive reading list covering Sudanese politics and the role of religion in the African country curated mainly from our Journal Roundups and Book Displays published over the last three years. We hope this roundup will serve as a quick reference list for our readers.  If we missed any noteworthy works,  please shoot us an email at publish@themaydan.com and we will update the roundup.


Sudan Uprising Master Document

#SudanSyllabus Doc curated by Razan Idris

The Historical Precedents of the Current Uprising in Sudan
Anakwa Dwamena | 8 February 2019

Sudan’s Uprising, Bashir’s Fall, and My Father’s Passing
Isma’il Kushkush | 16 May 2019

Watch: Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj on Sudan
8 June 2019

Watch: Will pressuring Sudan make a difference?
7 June 2019

Listen: What’s Next for Sudan?: Understanding the Overthrow of al-Bashir
Khalid Medani | 12 April 2019

Listen: A Military Crackdown in Sudan
The Daily Podcast | 24 June 2019

Sudan protests: Everything you need to know 
29 June 2019

Sudan’s ruling generals, protest leaders sign power-sharing deal
17 July 2019

Watch: Sudan: Hassan Al-Turabi’s Life and Politics 
7 August 2019

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Doubt, Scholarship and Society in 17th-Century Central Sudanic Africa
Dorrit Van Dalen | Brill, July 2016

For Love of the Prophet: An Ethnography of Sudan’s Islamic State
Noah Salomon | Princeton University Press, October 2016

Modern Muslims: A Sudan Memoir
Steve Howard | Ohio University Press, October 2016

Shari’a and the Islamic State in 19th-Century Sudan: The Mahdi’s Legal Methodology and Doctrine
Aharon Laysih | Brill, September 2016

Hasan al-Turabi: Islamist Politics and Democracy in Sudan
W. J. 
Berridge | Cambridge University Press, September 2017

The Codification of Islamic Criminal Law in the Sudan: Penal Codes and Supreme Court Case Law Under Numayri and al-Bashir
Olaf Köndgen | Brill, November 2017

Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan
Barbara Casciarri | Brill, April 2018

Hasan al-Turabi, the Last of the Islamists: The Man and His Times 1932–2016
Abdullahi A. Gallab | Lexington Books, July 2018

Journal Articles

Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World Vol 14 Issue 1 Brill August 2016

Sudan after Al-Turabi Understanding the Gendered Legacy of Islamism in Sudan and Beyond
Nada Mustafa Ali

The Republican Sisters of Sudan: Moving to the Front Lines of Muslim Social Change
Steve Howard

Islamic Africa: Vol 7 Issue 2 Brill Nov 2016

Probing the Theological Resources of a Seventeenth-Century tārīkh: the Tārīkh al-Sūdān and Ashʿarī kalām
Mohamed Shahid Mathee

Fatwa and Propaganda: Contemporary Muslim Responses to the Sudanese Mahdiyya
Fergus Nicoll

Journal of Africana Religions  Vol. 5, No. 1, 2017

Bayyinah Sharrieff: African American Traveler, University of Khartoum Student, Nation of Islam Leader

Edward E. Curtis IV and Sylvester A. Johnson

Journal of Africana Religions Vol. 4, No. 2, 2016

Khartoum Goliath: SPLM/SPLA Update and Martial Theology during the Second Sudanese Civil War

Christopher Tounsel

The Journal of North African Studies Vol 22 Issue 3 Taylor & Francis March 2017

An Insight into the Sudanese NSR Regime Foreign Policy Decision-Making (1989–1999)
Mohammed Hussein Sharfi

The Journal of North African Studies Vol 7 Issue 2 Taylor & Francis, July 2016

IGAD, Sudan, and South Sudan: Achievements and setbacks of regional mediation
Irit Black

Law and Society Review Vol 52 Issue 3 Wiley, September 2018

Seeing Like an Islamic State: Shari‘a and Political Power in Sudan
Jeffrey Adam Sachs

Journal of Eastern African Studies Vol 12 Issue 3, Taylor and Francis, April 2018

Sudan and the assassination attempt on President Mubarak in June 1995: a cornerstone in ideological reverse
Mohammed Hussein Sharfi

Frontiers, Lincoln Vol 37 Issue 3 University of Nebraska Press, 2016

Ansar al-Sunna and Women’s Agency in Sudan: A Salafi Approach to Empowerment through Gender Segregation
Liv Tønnessen

The Wilson Quarterly, Washington, Winter 2016

The Evolution of an Islamist
Marie L Besançon