To be considered, submissions must include all of the following:

  1. The text of the submission should be sent as an attached Word file.
  2. Author’s Bio. Please include position, affiliation, publications, ongoing research, etc. Kindly keep your bio concise.
  3. An image related to the content of the post. Image should be owned by author or have a Creative Commons license. Kindly consider that the size of the image must be at least 300 by 400. Please include caption and image source. Image files should be sent with the text, but as a separate file.
  4. Hyperlink words that reference articles and books, whether online or print. For the latter, please link to JSTOR or publisher’s webpage for said reference. These should be used in lieu of footnotes. When footnotes are necessary Maydan will convert them into endnotes.
  5. Include a list of comma-separated tags at the end of your submission indicating key terms including countries, cities, locations, institutions, groups, and personalities.
  6. Select 2-3 quotes from your submission in bold and place them at the end of the document.
  7. Send your complete submission, according to above specifications, to