Book Display – May 2020

The following list of books includes English-language titles published in May 2020 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates. [ Curated by Sulaiman Popal with the Maydan team].



Lightning through the Clouds: 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam and the Making of the Modern Middle East

Author: Mark SanaganPublisher: Univ. of Texas PressYear: 2020Discipline: History/BiographyRegion: Middle East

Ranks of the Divine Seekers

Author: Ibn Qayyim al-JawziyyaPublisher: BrillYear: 2020Discipline: Religious Studies/ SufismRegion:

Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique

Author: Sa'ed AtshanPublisher: Stanford Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: Gender StudiesRegion: Palestine

Miracles and Material Life: Rice, Ore, Traps and Guns in Islamic Malaya

Author: Teren SeveaPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: 2020

Away from Chaos: The Middle East and the Challenge to the West

Author: Gilles KepelPublisher: Columbia Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: Conflict StudiesRegion: Middle East

The Middle East from Empire to Sealed Identities

Author: Lorenzo KamelPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Middle East

Bayana: The Sources of Mughal Architecture

Author: Mehrdad ShokoohyPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: ArchitectureRegion: Middle East/Asia

Challenging Cosmopolitanism: Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia

Author: Joshua GedachtPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Islamic Studies

Islam and Chinese Society : Genealogies, Lineage and Local Communities

Author: Jianxiong MaPublisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis GroupYear: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: China

Teaching Sexuality and Religion in Higher Education: Embodied Learning, Trauma Sensitive Pedagogy, and Perspective Transformation

Author: Darryl W. StephensPublisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis GroupYear: 2020Discipline: Gender Studies/EducationRegion:

Persianate Selves: Memories of Place and Origin Before Nationalism

Author: Mana KiaPublisher: Stanford Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Iran

Coming of Age in Iran: Poverty and the Struggle for Dignity

Author: Manata HashemiPublisher: New York Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Iran