Program | Third Annual Graduate Student Book Review Colloquium on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at GMU | October 11, 2019



OCTOBER 11, 2019 | Merten Hall, Room 1203

Organized by

Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at GMU

in partnership with the Fall for the Book Festival


Panel 1:  Government and Theology

Discussant: Huseyin Yilmaz, George Mason University


Book Under Review: 

Alexander Bevilacqua, The Republic of Arabic Letters (Harvard U Press, 2018)

Nimet Ipek | Sehir University

Book Under Review: 

Yossef Rapaport and Emilie Savage-Smith, Lost Maps of the Caliphs (U Chicago Press, 2018) 

Theresa Ford | George Mason University

Book Under Review: 

Mona Hassan, Longing for the Lost Caliphate: A Transregional History (Princeton U Press, 2017)

Arif Erbil | Bogazici University

11:15- 1:00

Panel 2: States, Borders, Policies

Discussant: Sumaiya Hamdani, George Mason University


Book Under Review: 

Adam Hanieh, Money, Markets and Monarchies (Cambridge U Press, 2018)

Javier Guirado | Georgia State University

Book Under Review:  

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, Religious Statecraft: The Politics of Islam in Iran (Columbia University Press, 2018)

Jonathan Alexander Hoffman | George Mason University

Book Under Review:  

Lorenzo Kamel, The Middle East from Empire to Sealed Identities (Edinburgh U Press, 2019)

Fikriye Karaman | Sehir University

2:00- 3:45

Panel 3: Theology and Everyday Religion 

Discussant: Cengiz Sisman, University of Houston, Clear Lake


Book Under Review: 

Aydogan Kars, Unsaying God: Negative Theology in Medieval Islam (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Mehmet Emin Gulecyuz | University of Chicago

Book Under Review: 

Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Lifeworlds of Islam: The Pragmatics of a Religion (Oxford U Press, 2019)

Ehsan Sheikholharam Mashhadi| University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Book Under Review: 

Shadaab Rahemtulla, Qur’an of the Oppressed – Liberation Theology and Gender Justice in Islam (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Yusuf Enes Sezgin | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4:00- 5:30

Panel 4- Muslim Life in the “West”

Discussant: Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, George Mason University


Book Under Review: 

Luis Manuel Hernandez Aguilar, Governing Muslims and Islam in Contemporary Germany: Race, Time, and the German Islam Conference (Brill ,2018)

Zubair Ahmed | Berlin Graduate School/ Frei Universitat

Book Under Review: 

Shakira Hussein, From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women Since 9/11 (Yale U Press, 2019)

Hina Muneeruddin | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Book Under Review: 

Ashraf Hoque, Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton (UCL Press, 2019)

Jeta Luboteni | George Mason University



Unable to attend

Book Under Review: 

Muqtedar Khan, Islam and Good Governance: A Political Philosophy of Islam (Palgrave, 2019)

Thomas Simpkins | Ibn Haldun University

Book Under Review: 

Mohammed Hashim Kamali, Crime and Punishment in Islamic Criminal Law: A Fresh
Interpretation (Oxford U Press, 2019) 

Meryem Yetkin | Bogazici University