Book Display – February 2019

The following list of books includes English-language titles published in February 2019 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates.

Labor Politics in North Africa: After the Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia

Author: Ian M. HartshornPublisher: Cambridge University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Political ScienceRegion: North Africa

Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton

Author: Ashraf HoquePublisher: UCL PressYear: 2019Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Europe, UK

The Arts of Iran in Istanbul and Anatolia: Seven Essays

Editor: Olga M. Davidson Marianna Shreve SimpsonPublisher: Harvard University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Art HistoryRegion: Middle East, Ottoman Empire. Iran

The Rise of the Egyptian Middle Class: Socio-economic Mobility and Public Discontent from Nasser to Sadat

Author: Relli ShechterPublisher: Cambridge University PressYear: 2019Discipline: HistoryRegion: Middle East, Egypt

Practicing Islam in Egypt: Print Media and Islamic Revival

Author: Aaron Rock-SingerPublisher: Cambridge University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Political ScienceRegion: Middle East, Egypt

Medieval Islamic Sectarianism

Author: Christine D. BakerPublisher: Amsterdam University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Islamic HistoryRegion: Middle East

Blogging from Egypt Digital Literature, 2005-2016

Author: Teresa PepePublisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Literary StudiesRegion: Middle East, Egypt

The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c.500-1492

Editor: Jonathan ShephardPublisher: Cambridge University PressYear: 2019Discipline: HistoryRegion: Europe

Studies in Legal Hadith

Editor: Hiroyuki YanagihashiPublisher: BrillYear: 2019Discipline: Islamic LawRegion: Middle East

Locating the Sharīʿa: Legal Fluidity in Theory, History and Practice

Editor: Sohaira SiddiquiPublisher: BrillYear: 2019Discipline: Islamic LawRegion: Global

From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women Since 9/11

Author: Shakira HusseinPublisher: Yale University PressYear: 2019Discipline: Political ScienceRegion: Global

The Battle for Central Europe: The Siege of Szigetvár and the Death of Süleyman the Magnificent and Nicholas Zrínyi (1566)

Editor: Phil FodorPublisher: BrillYear: 2019Discipline: HistoryRegion: Central Europe