Rahina Muazu on Qur’an Recitation and Female Reciters in Nigeria- Special Guest Episode

In this solo episode, Rahina Muazu discusses Qur’an recitation and female reciters in Nigeria. She touches briefly on the history of Islam and Islamic knowledge in west Africa, particularly in Hausaland (what is today northern Nigeria and some parts of southern Niger), the presence of the female sound of recitation in the public space and the debates surrounding perception of women’s voices as part of their nakedness (ʿawra).


Rahina Muazu is a scholar of Islam and gender and a visiting lecturer and research associate at the Harvard Divinity School. She holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from Freie University, Berlin and MA in Muslim Cultures from the Aga Khan University London and BA in Islamic Studies from the university of Jos, Nigeria. She has authored several articles the recent of which is “Why invite her here? Her voice is ʿawra!’: vocal nudity debates and Muslim female preachers in northern Nigeria,” (2022)


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