Book Display I January 2022

The following list of books includes 34 English-language titles published in January 2022 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates.

Powers of Pilgrimage: Religion in a World of Movement

Author: Simon ColemanPublisher: NYU PressYear: 2022Discipline: PilgrimageRegion:

Unruly Women

Author: Falguni A. Sheth Publisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2022Discipline: Gender, Colonialism, IslamRegion: West

Shi'ism Revisited: Ijtihad and Reformation in Contemporary Times

Author: Liyakat TakimPublisher: Khaliq AhmadYear: 2022Discipline: Shi'i, Islam, ModernityRegion:

Muhammad Ali in Africana Cultural Memory

Author: James L. Conyers Jr. & Christel N. TempleEditor: James L. Conyers Jr. & Christel N. TemplePublisher: Anthem PressYear: 2022Discipline: African American Culture, Muhammad Ali, CultureRegion: Africa

Women and the Islamic Republic: How Gendered Citizenship Conditions the Iranian State

Author: Shirin SaeidiPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Iran, Women, GenderRegion: Iran

Agents of the Hidden Imam: Forging Twelver Shi‘ism, 850-950 CE

Author: Edmund HayesPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Shi'i, HistoryRegion:

British Islam and English Law: A Classical Pluralist Perspective

Author: Patrick S. NashPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Britain, Islam, LawRegion:

Terror Capitalism: Uyghur Dispossession and Masculinity in a Chinese City

Author: Darren BylerPublisher: Duke University PressYear: 2022Discipline: China, UyghurRegion: China

Leaving Iberia: Islamic Law and Christian Conquest in North West Africa

Author: Jocelyn HendricksonPublisher: Harvard Univ. PressYear: 2022Discipline: Spain, Islam, Africa, LawRegion: Africa, Spain

Extremist Islam: Recognition and Response in Southeast Asia

Author: Kumar RamakrishnaPublisher: Oxford Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Southeast Asia, IslamRegion: Southeast Asia

Countering Violent and Hateful Extrimism in Indonesia: Islam, Gender, and Civil Society

Author: Grey Barton, Matteo Vergani, Yenny WahidPublisher: Palgrave Macmillan (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Indonesia, Extremism, IslamRegion: Indonesia

The War on the Uyghurs: China's Internal Campaign against a Muslim Minority

Author: Sean R. RobertsPublisher: Princeton Univ. PressYear: 2022Discipline: Politics, ChinaRegion: China

When God Stops Fighting

Author: Mark JuergensmeyerPublisher: Univ. of California PressYear: 2022Discipline: Violence, Islam, JihadRegion:

Producing Islam(s) in Canada

Editor: Amélie Barras, Jennifer A. Selby, Melanie AdrianPublisher: Univ. of Toronto Press (Canada)Year: 2022Discipline: Islam, Canada, PoliticsRegion: Canada

The Art of Resistance in Islam: The Performance of Politics among Shi'i Women in the Middle East and Beyond

Author: Yafa ShanneikPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Islam, Politics, Shi'iRegion: Iran

The Making of Islamic Economic Thought: Islamization, Law, and Moral Discourses

Author: Sami Al-DaghistaniPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Islam, Law, EconomicsRegion:

The Bloomsbury Reader in Christian-Muslim Relations, 600-1500

Author: David ThomasPublisher: Bloomsbury PublishingYear: 2022Discipline: Islam, Christianity, Religion Region:

Fundamentalism and Secularization

Editor: Mourad Wahba, Robert k BesharaPublisher: Bloomsbury PublishingYear: 2022Discipline: Politics, SecularismRegion:

Hidden Histories of Pakistan: Censorship, Literature, and Secular Nationalism in Late Colonial India

Author: Sarah Fatima WaheedPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Literature, NationalismRegion: Pakistan

Jews and the Qur'an

Author: Meir M. Bar-AsherPublisher: Princeton Univ. PressYear: 2022Discipline: Qur'an, JudaismRegion:

Regimes of Mobility: Borders and State Formation in the Middle East, 1918-1946

Editor: Jordi Tejel, Ramazan Hakkı ÖztanPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Islam, Shi'iRegion: Middle East

Religion, Orientalism and Modernity: Mahdi Movements of Iran and South Asia

Author: Geoffrey NashPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: IslamRegion: South Asia, Iran

From Rumi to the Whirling Dervishes: Music, Poetry, and Mysticism in the Ottoman Empire

Author: Walter FeldmanPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Rumi, Sufism, ArtRegion:

The Silk Road: Connecting Histories and Futures

Author: Tim WinterPublisher: Oxford Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: HistoryRegion:

Islamic Capital Markets: The Structure, Formation and Management of Sukuk

Editor: Imam Uddin, Rabia Sabri, M. Ishaq Bhatti, Muhammad Omer Rafique, Muhammad AsadUllahPublisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis GroupYear: 2022Discipline: Economics, SukukRegion:

Secularism Confronts Islamism: Divergent Paths of Transitional Negotiations in Egypt and Tunisia

Author: Mohammad AffanPublisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis GroupYear: 2022Discipline: Islamism, Secularism, Egypt, TunisiaRegion: Egypt, Tunisia

China and the Uyghurs: A Concise Introduction

Author: Morris RossabiPublisher: Rowman and Littlefield PublishersYear: 2022Discipline: China, UyghurRegion: China, Uyghur

The Fatah-Hamas Rift: An Analysis of Failed Negotiations

Author: Gadi HitmanPublisher: State Univ. of New York PressYear: 2022Discipline: Palestine, PoliticsRegion: Palestine

Ummah: A New Paradigm for a Global World

Author: Katrin A. JomaaPublisher: State Univ. of New York PressYear: 2022Discipline: UmmahRegion:

The Rise of the Ni'matullahi-i Order: Shi'ite Sufi Masters against Islamic Fundamentalism in 19th Century Persia

Author: Reza TabandehPublisher: Univ. of Chicago PressYear: 2022Discipline: Shi'iRegion:

The One and the Many: The Early History of the Qur'an

Author: Francois DerochePublisher: Yale Univ. PressYear: 2022Discipline: Qur'anRegion:

Paper, Performance, and the State

Author: Farhat HasanPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: India, Mughal, Society, Culture, PoliticsRegion: India

What is Islamic Studies? European and North American Approaches to a Contested Field

Author: Leif Stenberg, Philip WoodPublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2022Discipline: Academia, Islamic StudiesRegion: