Book Display | August 2021

The following list of books includes 28 English-language titles published in August 2021 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates. [Curated by Wali Siddiq with the Maydan team]

Contesting Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Media, Culture and Politics

Editor: Peter Morey, Amina Yaqin, Alaya FortePublisher: BloomsburgYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Europe/United States

Radicalization in Belgium and the Netherlands: Critical Perspective on Violence and Security

Editor: Nadia Fadil, Francesco Ragazzi, Martijn de KoningPublisher: BloomsburgYear: 2021Discipline: Political and Security StudiesRegion: Belgium/Netherlands

Islamic Charity: How Charitable Giving Became Seen as a Threat to National Security

Author: Samantha MayPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: Islam and PoliticsRegion: Europe

Food, Faith and Gender in South Asia: The Cultural Politics of Women's Food Practices

Editor: Nita Kumar, Usha SanyalPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: South Asia

American and Muslim Worlds before 1900

Editor: John Ghazvinian, Arthur Mitchel FraasPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Global

Celal Nuri: Young Turk Modernizer and Muslim Nationalist

Author: York NormanPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: BiographyRegion: Turkey

Representation of Islam in United States Comics, 1880-1922

Author: Maryanne A. RhettPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: US HistoryRegion: United States

Women and Equality in Iran: Law, Society and Activism

Author: Leila AlikaramiPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: Women and IslamRegion: Iran

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Islamist Writing on Resistance and Religion

Author: Erik SkarePublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: Political IslamRegion: Palestine

Arab Conquests and Early Islamic Historiography: The Futuh al-Baldan of al-Baladhuri

Author: Ryan J. LynchPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: HistoryRegion: Middle East

Contemporary Rationalist Islam in Turkey: The Religious Opposition to Sunni Revival

Author: Gokhan BacikPublisher: BloomsburyYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Turkey

Reason, Esotericism, and Authority in Shi'i Islam

Editor: Rodrigo Adem, Edmund HayesPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion:

Professional Mobility in Islamic Societies (700-1750): New Concepts and Approaches

Editor: Mohamad El-Merheb, Mehdi BerriahPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: SociologyRegion: Middle East

Making a Living in Ottoman Anatolia

Editor: Ebru Boyar, Kate FleetPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: SociologyRegion: Turkey

Salafism and Political Order in Africa

Author: Sebastian ElischerPublisher: Cambridge University Press (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: Region: Africa

The Dragoman Renaissance: Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism

Author: E. Natalie RothmanPublisher: Cornell University PressYear: 2021Discipline: History/OrientalismRegion: Middle East

The Spiritual Vernacular of the Early Ottoman Frontier: The Yazıcıoğlu Family

Author: Carlos GrenierPublisher: Edinburgh University Press (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Turkey

Muslims In the Movies: A Global Anthology

Editor: Kristian PetersenPublisher: Harvard University PressYear: 2021Discipline: Region: Global

The Mughals and the Sufis: Islam and the Political Imagination in India, 1500-1750

Author: Muzaffar AlamPublisher: State University of New York PressYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: South Asia

People of the Book: Prophet Muhammad's Encounters with Christians

Author: Craig ConsidinePublisher: Hurst (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Arabia

Islam on Campus: Contested Identities and the Cultures of Higher Education in Britain

Editor: Alison Scott-Baumann, Mathew Guest, Shuruq Naguib, Sariya Cheruvallil, Aisha PhoenixPublisher: Oxford University Press (UK)Year: 2021Discipline: Region: United Kingdom

The Muslims of Latin America and the Caribbean

Author: Ken ChitwoodPublisher: Lynne Rienner PublishersYear: 2021Discipline: Region: Latin America/Caribbean

International Law and Muslim States: Saudi Arabia in Context

Author: Dawood Adesola HamzahPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2021Discipline: LawRegion: Saudi Arabia

Classical Islamic Philosophy: A Thematic Introduction

Author: Luis Xavier López-FarjeatPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2021Discipline: PhilosophyRegion:

God's Property: Islam, Charity, and the Modern State

Author: Nada MoumtazPublisher: University of California PressYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion:

Intersections: Art and Islamic Cosmopolitanism

Editor: Melia Belli BosePublisher: University of British Columbia PressYear: 2021Discipline: ArtRegion:

Sculpting the Self: Islam, Selfhood, and Human Flourishing

Author: Muhammad U. FaruquePublisher: University of Michigan PressYear: 2021Discipline: Islamic StudiesRegion: Middle East