Islam in Media | Nov 23 – Nov 29


Austria: Do not Link Religion with Terror, Faith Leaders Warn

Muslim News

As racism and discrimination against Muslims in Austria soars, particularly after a terror attack on Nov. 2, clerics in the European country warn the authorities not to associate terrorism with any religion.
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Azerbaijan Slams Western Concerns of Christian Heritage But not Islamic Ones

Azerbaijan’s leader on Monday criticized the leaders of some Western countries who “remained silent” over the destruction by Armenian forces of Azerbaijani cultural and religious monuments in the occupied territories.
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Canada: Quebec Court Reduces mosque Shooter's Sentence

Middle East Eye

Alexandre Bissonnette will be eligible for parole in 25 years, instead of 40, after court rules his original sentence was ‘cruel and unusual’
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China slams Pope Francis over Remark on Uighur Minority in Book


A passage in the pontiff’s new book referring to Uighur suffering has ‘no factual basis at all’, Chinese foreign ministry says.
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France Has Banned the ‘Grey Wolves’ – But Who are They?


In Turkic mythology, a grey wolf led ancient Turks out of the wilderness of the Central Asian Ergenekon valley, where they had been trapped for centuries following military defeat, and into salvation.
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French App Users Sue Muslim Pro over Alleged Data Sharing with US Military

Middle East Eye

Lawsuit accuses Muslim Pro of data protection offences, abuse of trust, endangering other people’s lives, and conspiracy to commit murder.
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Muslims Have Visualized Prophet Muhammad in Words and Calligraphic Art for Centuries

The Conversation

The republication of caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in September 2020 led to protests in several Muslim-majority countries. It also resulted in disturbing acts of violence: In the weeks that followed, two people were stabbed near the former headquarters of the magazine and a teacher was beheaded after he showed the cartoons during a classroom lesson.
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Nike and Coca-Cola Lobby Against Xinjiang Forced Labor Bill

New York Times

Business groups and major companies like Apple have been pressing Congress to alter legislation cracking down on imports of goods made with forced labor from persecuted Muslim minorities in China.
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Ethnic Tension, Conflicts Key Concern for Myanmar’s Incoming MPs

On November 8, the National League for Democracy won another resounding victory in Myanmar’s national election, claiming 920 of the 1,117 seats available in the local and national parliaments and improving on its 2015 landslide.
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New Zealand

New Zealand's Muslims Have Put Their Faith in the Christchurch Inquiry to Help Protect and Heal


The Islamic Women’s Council of NZ gave more than 1,000 pages of evidence to the royal commission in the hope of a better country.
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended issuing travel and work visas for citizens of 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Somalia, Reuters reported on Wednesday.
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UK-Based Couple Threaten Legal Action over Muslim Pro Data Sharing

Middle East Eye

Couple have written to the company threatening legal action if they do not disclose what was done with their data.
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Uzbekistan to Repatriate More Citizens from Crowded Syrian Camps, Source Says

The Muslim News

Uzbekistan plans to repatriate another group of its citizens, mostly women and children, from Syria where they are staying at crowded camps with other families of Islamic State fighters, an Uzbek government source told Reuters on Friday.
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