Book Display | November 2020

The following list of books includes English-language titles published in November 2020 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates. [ Curated by Ayşenur Sönmez Kara with the Maydan team].

Blogging from Egypt: Digital Literature, 2005-2016

Author: Teresa PepePublisher: Edinburgh Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: LiteratureRegion: Egypt

Architectural Culture in British-Mandate Jerusalem, 1917-1948

Author: Inbal Ben-Asher GitlerPublisher: Equinox Publishing (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: Architecture, HistoryRegion: Jerusalem

The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Archaeology

Editor: Bethany Walker, Timothy Insoll, and Corisande FenwickPublisher: Oxford Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: Islamic Archaeology, History Region: Middle East, Islamic West, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

Law and the Rule of God: A Christian Engagement with Shari'a

Author: Joshua RalstonPublisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: Comparative political theologyRegion:

Mediterranean Captivity through Arab Eyes, 1517-1798

Author: Nabil MatarPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: HistoryRegion: Mediterranean

Modern Middle-Class Housing in Tehran Reproduction of an Archetype: Episodes of Urbanism 1945–1979

Author: Rana HabibiPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: Modern ArchitectureRegion: Iran

The Book of Charlatans

Author: Jamāl al-Dīn ʿAbd al-Raḥīm al-JawbarīPublisher: New York Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: Arabic LiteratureRegion:

Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Nile GreenPublisher: Oxford Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: History, IslamRegion:

Stealing from the Saracens How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe

Author: Diana DarkePublisher: Oxford Univ. Press (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: Islamic ArchitectureRegion:

The Routledge Handbook of Islam and Gender

Editor: Justine HowePublisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis GroupYear: 2020Discipline: IslamRegion:

Global Jihad A Brief History

Author: Glenn E. RobinsonPublisher: Stanford Univ. PressYear: 2020Discipline: Politics and Middle EastRegion:

The transnationality of the secular Travelling ideas and shared practices of secularism in decolonising South and Southeast Asia

Author: Clemens SixPublisher: Brill (UK)Year: 2020Discipline: History, PoliticsRegion: