Book Display – August 2017

The following list of books includes English-language titles published in August 2017 which span a range of disciplines in the broad field of Islamic Studies. Meant to showcase current research by both established and emerging scholars, the Maydan Book Displays will surely be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are searching for compelling sources to enrich their studies, as well as university professors and course instructors looking to add fresh material to their syllabi. Check back monthly for updates.

Machiavelli, Islam and the East: Reorienting the Foundations of Modern Political Thought

Editor: Lucio Biasiori and Giuseppe MarcocciPublisher: Palgrave MacmillanYear: 2017Discipline: HistoryRegion: Global

Entangled Pieties: Muslim-Christian Relations and Gendered Sociality in Java, Indonesia

Author: En-Chieh ChaoPublisher: Palgrave MacmillanYear: 2017Discipline: AnthropologyRegion: Southeast Asia

The Hazaras and the Afghan State: Rebellion, Exclusion and the Struggle for Recognition

Author: Niamatullah IbrahimiPublisher: HurstYear: 2017Discipline: History, PoliticsRegion: Central Asia

Islam and its Past: Jahiliyya, Late Antiquity, and the Qur'an

Editor: Carol Bakhos and Michael CookPublisher: Oxford Univ. PressYear: 2017Discipline: Religious Studies, HistoryRegion: Global

Jihad & Co.: Black Markets and Islamist Power

Author: Aisha AhmadPublisher: Oxford Univ. PressYear: 2017Discipline: PoliticsRegion: Global

The Baluch, Sunnism and the State in Iran: From Tribal to Global

Author: Stephane DudoignonPublisher: Oxford Univ. PressYear: 2017Discipline: PoliticsRegion: Middle East

Sufism, Pluralism and Democracy

Editor: Clinton Bennett and Sarwar alamPublisher: EquinoxYear: 2017Discipline: Politics, Religious StudiesRegion: Global

Jihadi Culture: The Art and Social Practices of Militant Islamists

Editor: Thomas HegghammerPublisher: Cambridge Univ. PressYear: 2017Discipline: Politics, AnthropologyRegion: Global

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Pakistan

Editor: Aparna PandePublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: PoliticsRegion: South Asia

Ismaili History and Intellectual Traditions

Author: Farhad DaftaryPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: History, Religious StudiesRegion: Middle East, Central Asia

Da'wa and Other Religions: Indian Muslims and the Modern Resurgence of Global Islamic Activism

Author: Matthew KuiperPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: Religious StudiesRegion: South Asia, Global

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: The Democratic Option of Islamism

Author: Naomi Ramirez DiazPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: Politics, HistoryRegion: Middle East

Education and Extremisms: Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Contemporary World

Editor: Panjwani, et al.Publisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: Politics, EducationRegion: Global

New Horizons in Qur'anic Linguistics: A Syntactic, Semantic and Stylistic Analysis

Author: Hussein Abdul-RaofPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: Religious Studies, LinguisticsRegion: Global

Yound Muslim Change-Makers: Grassroots Charities Rethinking Modern Societies

Author: William BaryloPublisher: RoutledgeYear: 2017Discipline: SociologyRegion: Europe

The Cutting Edge of the Poet's Sword: Muslim Poetic Responses to the Crusades

Author: Osman LatiffPublisher: BrillYear: 2017Discipline: History, LiteratureRegion: Middle East

Licit Magic: The Life and Letters of al-Sahib b. 'Abbad

Author: Maurice A. PomerantzPublisher: BrillYear: 2017Discipline: HistoryRegion: Middle East

The Piety of Learning: Islamic Studies in Honor of Stefan Reichmuth

Editor: Michael Kemper and Ralf ElgerPublisher: BrillYear: 2017Discipline: Religious Studies, HistoryRegion: Global

Mass Religious Ritual and Intergroup Tolerance: The Muslim Pilgrims' Paradox

Author: Mikhail Alexseev and Sufian ZhemukhovPublisher: Cambridge Univ. PressYear: 2017Discipline: Political ScienceRegion: Europe

The Contemporary Islamic Governed State: A Reconceptualization

Author: Joseph J. KaminskiPublisher: Palgrave MacmillanYear: 2017Discipline: Religious Studies, PoliticsRegion: Global