Summer 2020 Journal Roundup

Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. This is the thirty-eighth iteration to be published and the Summer 2020 edition is now online. The Summer 2020 edition currently has issues from 15 journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their Summer issues.

The journal roundup project covers over 90 English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at [Curated by Sulaiman Popal].


Central Asian Affairs

Central Asian Affairs

Volume 7 Issue 2

Love and Jihad. Female Trajectories from North Caucasus to the Islamic State By: Denis Sokolov

“Franchise” Branch Campuses in Uzbekistan: The Internationalisation of Higher Education as a Solution? By: Dilnoza Ubaydullaeva

State Reforms and Informal Payments in Secondary Education of Kazakhstan By: Dina SharipovaBook Discussion Diana T. Kudaibergenova
Contemporary Arab Affairs

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Volume 13 Issue 2

To What Extent Do Non-Westerners Tolerate Political Oppression?: They Have Their Own “Impossible Tyranny”!  By: Abdullah Al-Beraidi

Gender Inequality in the Arab World: A Comparative Perspective  By: Nahla Yassine-Hamdan; John Strate

The Role of Religion in the Politics of Saudi Arabia: The Wahhabi Concept: ta’at wali al-amr  By: Faisal Mukhyat Abu Sulaib

The Moroccan Monarchy and the Construction of Social Representations  By: Blaiha Marouan; El Houcine Oughlane

Foreign Correspondents between the Hammer and the Anvil: The Case of Egypt during Political Transitions By: Alamira Samah Saleh

Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam

Volume 14 Issue 2

Introduction: Studying Islam from below and interrogating divisions in contemporary Russia By: Lili Di Puppo Jesko Schmoller

“Sovereign” Islam and Tatar “Aqīdah”: normative religious narratives and grassroots criticism amongst Tatarstan’s Muslims By: Matteo Benussi

Here or elsewhere: Sufism and traditional Islam in Russia’s Volga-Ural region By: Lili Di Puppo & Jesko Schmoller

“What good are all these divisions in Islam?”. Everyday Islam and normative discourses in Daghestan By: Iwona Kaliszewska

Common sense is not so common: integration and perceptions of ‘traditional Islam’ in Russia’s Volga-Ural region By: Bulat G. Akhmetkarimov

Review of Julie McBrien, From Belonging to Belief: Modern Secularisms and the Construction of Religion in Kyrgyzstan. By: Sydney Morrow

The Literary Genizot: A Window to the Mediterranean Republic of Letters By: Sarah Stroumsa

Meanderings in the Arabic Literary Genizot: New Texts and New Contexts By: Oded Zinger

al-Uṣūl al-Muhaḏḏabiyya: A Joint Theological Project of a Karaite Scholar and a “Chief Justice” in Fāṭimid Egypt Revisited By: Haggai Ben-Shammai

The Role of the Karaites in the Transmission of the Hebrew Bible and Their Practice of Transcribing It into Arabic Script By: Geoffrey Khan

Genizah within the Genizah: Muslim Works Incorporated into Judeo-Arabic Manuscripts in the Cairo Genizah By: Y. Zvi Stampfer

Grammars of Classical Arabic in Judaeo-Arabic: An Overview By: Nadia Vidro

Interpreting Islamic Dream Books of the Cairo Genizah: The Taʿbīr al-ruʾyā and Its Judeo-Arabic Witnesses By: Blanca Villuendas Sabaté


Field as Archive / Archive as Field By: Çaylı, Eray

Design in Theory Articles

Pray to the Archive: Abstracting History in Zanzibar By: Kara, Taushif

Records of Dispossession: Archival Thinking and UNESCO’s Nubian Campaign in Egypt and Sudan By: Carruthers, William

Déjà Vu at the Archive: Photography, National Narratives, and the Multiple Histories of the Smyrna Fire By: Amygdalou, Kalliopi

Conducting Research on West Bank Settlements: Architecture as Punctum and Archive By: Allweil, Yael; Ben Hilell, Keren

Archives as Fields of Heritage-Making in Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula By: Aykaç, Pinar

Design in Practice Articles

A Gift of Compassion: Welfare, Housing, and Domesticity in Contemporary Iran By: Moafi, Samaneh

‘#OccupyGezi Architecture’ and Archival Tactics of Resistance By: Artan, Elif Çiğdem

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 53 Issue 2-4

Commemorating Ehsan Yarshater Endangered Iranian Languages: Language Contact and Language Islands in Iran

Guest Editor’s Introduction

Language contact in Iranian Languages

A Linguistic Survey of Khorasan: Implications for Language Isolation, Language Change, and Contact Linguistics By: Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam

The Perside Language of Shiraz Jewry: A Historical-Comparative Phonology By: Habib Borjian
Final /n/ Deletion in Ghayeni Persian: Opacity in Harmonic Serialism and Parallel Optimality Theory By: Bashir Jam , Pariya Razmdideh & Zohreh Sadat Naseri

Aramaic and Arabic linguistic islands

The Neo-Aramaic Dialects of Iran By: Geoffrey Khan
The Beginnings of Word Order Change in the Arabic Dialects of Southern Iran in Contact with Persian: A Preliminary Study of Data from Four Villages in Bushehr and Hormozgan By: Dina El Zarka & Sandra Ziagos

Georgian language islands in Fereydanshahr in Isfahan

A Georgian Language Island in Iran: Fereydani Georgian By: Lia Bakuradze , Marina Beridze & Zakharia Pourtskhvanidze
The Proverbial Wisdom of a Georgian Language Island in Iran By: Tea Shurgaia

Turkic language islands and language contact with Turkic languages

Major and Minor Turkic Language Islands in Iran with a Special Focus on Khalaj By: Elisabetta Ragagnin
Balanced Bilingualism: Patterns of Contact Influence in L1 and L2 Turkic and Bakhtiari Speech in Juneqan, Iran By: Erik Anonby , Laurentia Schreiber & Mortaza Taheri-Ardali
Iran Linguistic Atlas Project (ILA): Past and Present By: Faryar Akhlaghi


The Languages and Linguistics of Western Asia: An Areal Perspective (The world of Linguistics Series, volume 6)
Geoffrey Haig and Geoffrey Khan (eds.), Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2018, ISBN 978-3-11-042608-3 (hbk), 976 pp. By: Mohammad Rasekh-Mahand
The Oxford Handbook of Persian Linguistics
Anousha Sedighi and Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi (eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, ISBN 978-0-19-873674-5 (hbk), 608 pp. By: Zaniar Naghshbandi
Endangered Iranian Languages
Saloumeh Gholami (ed.), Wiesbaden: Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2018, ISBN 978-3-9549-0329-0 (pbk), 122 pp. By: Mahrokh Shojaei
Religion, Law, and Identity: Contending Authorities on Interfaith Marriage in Lombok, Indonesia By: Mohamad Abdun Nasir
Making Sense of Shifts in Perspectives: Perceiving and Framing Examples of Interreligious Learning in Indonesia By: Eckhard Zemmrich
‘I Love Jesus Because Jesus Is Muslim’: Inter- and Intra-Faith Debates and Political Dynamics in Indonesia By: Mega Hidayati & Nelly van Doorn Harder
Islamic Soft Power in the Age of Trump: Public Diplomacy and Indonesian Mosque Communities in America By: James B. Hoesterey
Islam and Dormant Citizenship: Soft Religious Ethno-Nationalism and Minorities in Aceh, Indonesia By: Moch Nur Ichwan , Arskal Salim & Eka Srimulyani
Muslim Student Radicalism and Self-Deradicalization in Indonesia By: Mun’im Sirry

Special Section: Engaging T.D. Harper-Shipman’s Rethinking Ownership of Development in Africa
Guest Editor: Jane Anna Gordon

Special Section Introduction:

Engaging T.D. Harper-Shipman’s Rethinking Ownership of Development 621 in Africa: An Introduction By: Jane Anna GordonSpecial Section Articles

On Rethinking Ownership of Development in Africa 625 By: Olúf̣émi Táíwò

Ownership and Responsibility in Jamaica: Paradigmatic 629 Development in the Postcolony By: Greg A. Graham

Livingstone’s Last Stand: The End of Development As We 636 Know It? By: Jean Comaroff

When There’s Nothing Left to Own: Materiality and Security in Africa By: T.D. Harper-Shipman

Original Articles

War Crimes Trials in Bangladesh: Justice or Politics? By: Md. Awal Hossain Mollah

Oiling the Wheels of Multi-Party Politics in Africa: How Power Alternation Affects Party Financing in Ghana By: Joseph Oti Frimpong

Climate Change Grounded on Empirical Evidence as Compared with the Perceptions of Smallholder Farmers in Vhembe
District, South Africa By: Zongho Kom, Nthaduleni S. Nethengwe, Sylvester Mpandeli and Hector Chikoore

Symbolic Post-Conflict Recovery in the Rwenzori Sub-Region of Uganda By: Muhumuza William

‘Uberization’ as Neoliberal Governmentality: A Global South Perspective By: Charles Wharton Kaye-Essien

Is the USA the Only Role Model in Town? Empirical Evidence from the Asian Barometer Survey By: Hsin-Hsin Pan

Nigeria’s Regional Hegemonic Conundrum: The Oil Connection By: Adeniyi Basiru, Adelabu Salawu, Martins Arogundade and Samuel Ogunwa

Citizens’ Satisfaction with Government in a Highly Corrupt Public Life: Role of Trust in Democracy and Civil Society
Participation in Somalia By: Santap Sanhari Mishra and Mohamud Mohamed Abdullahi

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Volume 11 Issue 2
Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

The Qurʾān Encrypted: A Unique Qurʾānic Manuscript in Cipher By: Arianna D’Ottone Rambach

La cryptographie dans les manuscrits de la collection Lmūhūb Ūlaḥbīb By: Djamel Eddine Mechehed

A Dynamic History: MS Sinai, Arabic 151 in the Hands of Scribes, Readers, and Restorers By: Vevian F. Zaki

Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

Volume 16 Issue 2
Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

Feminist Historical Writing in Postrevolutionary Iran: Missing Soluch and My Share By: Alborz Ghandehari

Libya: the new geopolitical arena By: George Joffé

Introduction: Historicizing Sayyid-ness: Social Status and Muslim Identity in South Asia By: Laurence Gautier and Julien Levesque

Preface to Historicising Sayyid-ness: Social Status and Muslim Identity in South Asia By: Sarah Ansar
Competing for Distinction: Lineage and Individual Recognition in Eighteenth-Century Sindh By: Shayan Rajani

Inherited Charisma and Personal Qualities: Sayyids and religious reform in nineteenth century Multan By: Diego Abenante

Next year, if grain is dear, I shall be a Sayyid: Sayyid Ahmad Khan, colonial constructions, and Muslim self-definitions By: David Lelyveld

Genealogy, authority and Muslim political representation in British India By: Eve Tignol

Sayyids and Social Stratification of Muslims in Colonial India: Genealogy and Narration of the Past in Amroha By: Soheb Niazi

Legalised Pedigrees: Sayyids and Shiʽi Islam in Pakistan By: Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 29 Issue 3

Special Issue: Erdoğan’s Turkey; Guest Edited by Hakan Yavuz & Ahmet Erdi Ozturk

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Islamism, Identity and Memory: Turkey Under Erdoğan By: M. Hakan Yavuz & Ahmet Erdi Ozturk
Faulty Assumptions about Democratization in Turkey By: Paul Kubicek
Populism and the Politics of Belonging in Erdoğan’s Turkey By: Fumiko Sawae
Conservative Narrative: Contemporary Neo-Ottomanist Approaches in Turkish Politics By: Umut Uzer
Governing Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis: The Political Discourse on Ontological (In)Security after the July 15 Coup Attempt in Turkey By: Umut Can Adisonmez & Recep Onursal
The Evolving Kurdish Question in Turkey By: Mehmet Gurses
Positive and Negative Diaspora Governance in Context: From Public Diplomacy to Transnational Authoritarianism By: Bahar Baser & Ahmet Erdi Ozturk
Transformation of Turkish Foreign Policy Toward Syria: The Return of Securitization By: Hasan Kösebalaban
The Turkish-Armenian Historical Controversy: How to Name the Events of 1915? By: M. Hakan Yavuz
Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 29 Issue 3
Special issue: ‘Britain, Turkey and NATO, 1945–1960’ By: William Hale
Introduction By: Dilek Barlas
A epid alliance: Britain and Turkey in the post-war and early cold war years By: Ekavi Athanassopoulou
The transformation of Britain-Turkey-United States relations at the advent of the Cold War (1945–1952) By: Şuhnaz Yılmaz
British foreign policy and military strategy: the contradictions of declining imperial power and the Baghdad Pact, 1947-55 By: John Kent
From indifference to independence: Turkey’s shifting Cyprus policy in the 1950s By: Seçkin Barış Gülmez
Playing the Turkish card: British policy and Cyprus in the 1950s By: Robert Holland

Limits of post‐secularism in Turkey: Comparing the attitudes of the Justice and Development Party towards the headscarf and Alevi issues By: Emrah Konuralp