Fall 2019 Journal Roundup

[Updated: 28 October] Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Fifteen iterations have been published and the Fall 2019 edition is now online. The Fall 2019 edition currently has issues from seventeen journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their fall issues.

The journal roundup project covers over ninety English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at journals@themaydan.com.




Volume 2 Issue 2

Reconsidering Rag-i Bibi: Authority and audience in the Sasanian East by Evan I. Levine and Daniel Plekhov

American Journal of Islamic Social Science

American Journal of Islamic Social Science

Volume 36 Issue 4

Resisting Islamophobia: Muslims Seeking American Integration Through Spiritual Growth, Community Organizing and Political Activism by Nazreen S. Bacchus

Muslims at the American Vigil by Alisa Perkins

Blackamerican Muslim Scholars and Leaders in New York City by Timothy Patrick Daniels


Latina Muslim Producers of Online and Literary Countermedia by Yamil Avivi

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 46 Issue 4

Did Ibn Saud’s Militants Cause 400,000 Casualties? Myths and Evidence about the Wahhabi Conquests, 1902–1925 by Jeff Eden

A Real Electoral Duel between the P.J.D. and the P.A.M.? Analysing Constituency-Level Competitiveness in the 2016 Moroccan Elections by Inmaculada Szmolka

Persian ‘Rashti Jokes’: Modern Iran’s Palimpsests of gheyrat-Based Masculinity by Mostafa Abedinifard

Colonial Education and the Shaping of Islamism in Sudan, 1946–1956 by Willow Berridge

Israel’s Citizenship Policy since the 1990s—New Challenges, (Mostly) Old Solutions by Assaf Shapira

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Iran–Iraq War: An Unconventional Military’s Survival by Maryam Alemzadeh

Out of Sight, Out of mind: Managing Religious Diversity in Qatar by John Fahy

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Narrating Social Bonds and Boundaries in Contemporary Lebanon by Bruno Lefort

Contemporary Levant

Contemporary Levant

Volume 4 Issue 1

Prejudice, military intelligence, and neoliberalism: examining the local within archaeology and heritage practices in Jordan by Shatha Abu-Khafajah & Riham Miqdadi

Islam in face-to-face interaction: direct zakat giving in Nablus (Palestine) by Emanuel Schaeublin

The symbolic construction of national identity and belonging in Syrian nationalist songs (from 1970 to 2007) by Rahaf Aldoughli

Der Islam

Der Islam

Volume 96 Issue 2

Who are the Aṣḥāb al-Ukhdūd? Q 85:4‒10 in Near Eastern Context by Adam Silverstein

Whence Diyār Bakr? An Inquiry into Early Jazīran Administrative Geography by Hannah-Lena Hagemann

The Uniqueness of the Fāṭimid State by Lev Yaacov

A Jewish Vizier and his Shīʿī Manifesto: Jews, Shīʿīs, and the Politicization of Confessional Identities in Mongol-ruled Iraq and Iran (13th to 14th centuries) by Jonathan Brack

Zur Diplomatik mamlūkischer Verwaltungsdokumente by Daniel Potthast 

Crossing Borders: ʿĀʾisha al-Bāʿūniyya and Her Travels by Th. Emil Homerin

Die Welt des Islams

Die Welt des Islams

Volume 59 Issue 3-4

Arab Shiʿism and the Shiʿa of Lebanon: New Approaches to Modern History, Contemporary Politics, and Religion by Rola El-Husseini and Mara A. Leichtman

Education and Reconfiguring Lebanese Shiʿi Muslims into the Nation-State during the French Mandate, 1920-43 by Linda Sayed

The Appeal of Communism among the Lebanese Shiʿa, 1943-75 by Jehan Al-Azzawi

Islamic Ecumenism in the Early Political Thought of Muḥammad Ḥusayn Faḍlallāh by Nabil Hage Ali

The Question of Divorce and the Mandate of the Jurist Over the Unwilling Husband in Lebanese Muslim Shiʿi Jurisprudence: A Legal Reform? by Moulouk Berry

Ḥasan Naṣrallāh’s ʿĀshūrāʾ Speeches: The Thin Line between Ethics and Identity by Bashir Saade

Iran and Hizbullah’s Development Organization in Lebanon: The Case of Jihād al-Bināʾby Eric Lob

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 25 Issue 6

Special Issue: Jewish presence in Cyprus from the 1930s to Israel’s establishment

Business and ideology in an era of nation building: Zionist enterprises in Cyprus, 1933–39 by Evangelia Matthopoulou

Escaping Nazi horror: Jewish and Christian refugees in Cyprus by Iakovos D. Michailidis

Why were the Cyprus camps for Jewish detainees not dissolved immediately after the independence of Israel? by Branka Arrivé

The Jewish detainees in the narrations of the Greek-Cypriot Press (1946–49) by Vasiliki Selioti

Global public opinion toward Israel: mapping and assessing the determinants of public attitudes in 45 countries by Raphael BenLevi, Amnon Cavari & Lesley Terris

Revisiting Israel-Taiwan relations by Mor Sobol

Confederation as a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? by Matthew K. Godwin

Yigal Allon’s plan to establish an independent Druze state by Udi Manor

Film regulation and the construction of a nation: two theoretical perspectives by Tamar Ashuri & Mor Hassid-Lavi

The effect of digital variables on perceived employability in an ethnic minority and the hegemonic group by Sabina Lissitsa & Svetlana Chachashvili-Bolotin

Journal of Arabian Studies

Journal of Arabian Studies

Volume 9 Issue 1

Oman’s Response to a Rising Iran: A Case of Strategic Hedging by Mohammed Binhuwaidin

What Influence Do Advisory Assemblies Have? A Print Media Analysis of the UAE’s Federal National Council, 2011–15 by Guy Burton

Meanings of Women’s Agency: A Case Study from Qatar on Improving Measurement in Context by Yara Qutteina, Laurie James-Hawkins, Buthaina Al-Khelaifi & Kathryn M. Yount

Perceptions of Women’s Roles between Traditionalism and Modernity in Qatar by Kaltham Al-Ghanim

Exploring the Nexus between Highly-Skilled Migrants, the Kafala System, and Development in the UAE by Martin Hvidt

Heritage Tourism in Kuwait: Prospects for Economic Diversification by Radhika Lakshminarayanan

Journal of Asian and African Studies

Journal of Asian and African Studies

Volume 54 Issue 7

Factionalism Within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan by Hawre Hasan Hama

The Democratizer Army Paradox: The Role of the Algerian Army in Impeded Democratization by Furkan Halit Yolcu

The Role and Development of the Ombudsman System in the Maghreb A ‘Measure’ of Democracy? by Francesco Tamburini

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume 10 Issue 3

Emigration of Christians from the Arab Middle East: A New Reading by Yusri Hazran

Azerbaijani National Identity in Iran, 1921–1946: Roots, Development, and Limits by Ramin Ahmadoghlu

The Domestication of Al-Shabaab by Tricia Bacon & Daisy Muibu

The Journal of Near Eastern Studies

The Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Volume 78 Issue 2

Fighting for the Faith? Notes on Women and War in Early Islam by Rana Mikati

Religious Invocations on Umayyad Lead Seals: Evidence of an Emergent Islamic Lexicon by Tareq A. Ramadan

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 78, Number 2


In search of ‘consensus’: the crisis of party politics in Tunisia by Anne Wolf


The Greek community in Tunis between 1805 and 1881. Aspects of its demographics and its role in the local economic and political context by Antonios Chaldeos

Regime change and elite behaviour: the case of the 2010–2011 Tunisian uprisings by Bilel Kchouk & Aaida Mamuji

Critical junctures, path dependence and Al-Nahda’s contribution to the Tunisian transition to democracy by Pietro Marzo

Decentralisation in Morocco: a solution to the ‘Arab Spring’? By Annabelle Houdret & Astrid Harnisch

Agriculture, trade, and climate change adaptation: a global CGE analysis for Morocco and Turkey by Ismail Ouraich, Hasan Dudu, Wallace E. Tyner & Erol H. Cakmak

Screening femininity and Amazighness in Narjiss Nejjar’s Dry Eyes by Said Chemlal

Does demographic transition matter for economic growth? Evidence from Egypt by Reham Rizk

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Volume 21, Issue 3

In Pursuit of Consonance: Science and Religion in Modern Works of tafsīr by Ayman Shabana

ʿAbd al-Majīd al-Zindānī’s iʿjāz ʿilmī Approach: Embryonic Development in Q. 23:12–14 as a Scientific Miracle by Melanie Guénon

The Hermeneutics of Miracle: Evolution, Eloquence, and the Critique of Scientific Exegesis in the Literary School of tafsīr. Part I: From Muḥammad ʿAbduh to Amīn al-Khūlī by Shuruq Naguib

Creation as Text: The Graphological Trope in Said Nursi’s Risāle-i nūr by Colin Turner

The Shāhīn Affair and the Evolution of uṣūl al-tafsīr by Sohaib Saeed

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Voume 73, Issue 3

Nobody to Talk to: The Persistence of the “No Partner” Mantra in Israeli Discourse by Guy Ziv

Stuck in the Logic of Oslo: Europe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Raffaella A. Del Sarto

Crisis, State Legitimacy, and Political Participation in a Non-Democracy: How Qatar Withstood the 2017 Blockade by Justin Gengler and Buthaina Al-Khelaifi

Ethno-Religious Belonging in the Syrian Conflict: Between Communitarianism and Sectarianization by Harout Akdedian

Marx’s Arabian Apostles: The Rise and Fall of the Saudi Communist Movement by Mohammed Turki A. Al-Sudairi

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 55 Issue 6

The British Empire in India, the Gulf Pearl and the Making of the Middle East by Guillemette Crouzet

Between National Sovereignty and Foreign Capital: The Fate of the French Companies’ Concessions in Turkey after the War of Liberation by Neslişah Leman Başaran Lotz

Young Turk Governance in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War by Erik Jan Zürcher

Turco-British Relations, Cold War and Reshaping the Middle East: Egypt, Greece and Cyprus (1954–1958) by Cemal Yorgancıoğlu and Şevki Kıralp

The Latent Politicization of Alevism: The Affiliation between Alevis and Leftist Politics (1960–1980) by Mehmet Ertan

The Construction and Re-construction of the Civil Religion around the Cult of Atatürk by Birol Çaymaz

Children in War Time: The First Pupils of the Syrian (Schneller) Orphanage in Jerusalem 1860–1863 by Fruma Zachs

Historical Geography of the Palestine Southern Coastal Plain in the Late Ottoman Period – The Ashkelon Region as a Case Study by Avi (Avraham) Sasson

The Destruction of Old Jaffa in 1936 and the Question of the Arab Refugees by Tamir Goren

The Sephardi and Oriental Jews of Haifa and Arab-Jewish Relations in Mandate Palestine by Moshe Naor

Jewish and Christian Sanctity under Israeli Sovereignty: Mount Zion, King David’s Tomb and the Last Supper Room (1948–1967) by Doron Bar

Muqarnas Online

Muqarnas Online

Volume 36 Issue 1

Before the Mughals: Material Culture of Sultanate North India by Finbarr Barry Flood

The Illuminations of Mukhlis ibn ʿAbdallah al-Hindi: Identifying Manuscripts from Late Medieval Konya by Cailah Jackson

“Compassionate Companion, Familiar Friend”: The Turin Safīna (Biblioteca Reale Ms. Or. 101) and Its Significance by Denise-Marie Teece

The “Arabic” Stole of Vatopediou Monastery: Traces of Islamic Material Culture in Late Byzantium by Nikolaos Vryzidis

The Blue-and-White Tiles of the Muradiye in Edirne: Architectural Decoration between Tabriz, Damascus, and Cairo by Patricia Blessing

Intersections Between the Architect’s Cubit, the Science of Surveying, and Social Practices in CaʿFer Efendi’s Seventeenth-Century Book on Ottoman Architecture by Gül Kale

“The Temple of the Incredulous”: Ottoman Sultanic Mosques and the Principle of Legality by Samet Budak

A Forgotten Fifteenth-Century Ottoman Mosque and Its Inscriptions by Bill Hickman

The Heart Case of Abbot Roger de Norton from St. Albans Abbey: An Islamic Object in a Medieval English Context by Barry Knight

“The Illusion of an Authentic Experience”: a Luster Bowl in the Ashmolean Museum by Francesca Leoni, Dana Norris, Kelly Domoney, Moujan Matin and Andrew Shortland

Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Volume 7 Issue 2-3

Confusion and Consent: Land Tax (Kharāj) and the Construction of Judicial Authority in the Early Islamic Empire (ca. 12–183 A.H./634–800 C.E.) by Najm al-Din Yousefi

The Hijra in French Salafism: A Quest for Purity Through Religious Migration by Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

Population Growth and Inter-Provincial Economic Disparity: Two Major Factors Behind the Underdevelopment of Pakistan by Muhammad Qasim Sodhar

A Sociological Analysis of the Understanding, Application, and Importance of Shari’a in Everyday Living of Young Muslims in Sydney by Jan A. Ali

A Comparative Analysis of China’s Relations with Lebanon and Syria by David Perez-Des Rosiers

Political Islam, Justice and Governance, written by Mbaye Lo by Seth Cantey