Fall 2017 Journal Roundup

[Updated: 13 April] Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Eight iterations have been published and the Fall 2017 edition is now online. The Fall Edition currently has issues from sixty-five journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and includes the final 2017 issues from all biannual and quarterly journals.

The journal roundup project covers over eighty English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at journals@themaydan.com.





Volume 29 Issue 3

A Mediterranean of Relations for the Medieval Maghrib: Historiography in Question by Ramzi Rouighi

The Sword and the Sun: The Old World Drought Atlas as a Source for Medieval Mediterranean History by Matt King

“ʿAlā fūr Tuṭīla”: Jews and Muslims in the Administrative Culture of Post-Conquest Tudela, c.1118–1220 by Rodrigo García-Velasco Bernal

Welfare and Charity in a Sixteenth-Century Jewish Community in Egypt: A Study of Genizah Documents by Dotan Arad



Volume 38 Issue 1

The Crown, the Moriscos of Granada and the Servicioof 1603. Fiscal Pact and Political Negotiation by Francisco J. Moreno Díaz del Campo

The Arabic Version of Aristotle’s De divinatione per somnum and Its Impact in Avicenna’s Theory of Prophecy by Luis Xavier López-Farjeat

A Muslim Hidalgo? The Nasrid Oligarchy From a Castilian Court Record by Clara Almagro



Volume 38 Issue 2

Special Section: Arquitectura de Al-Andalus y el Magreb

Ibn Rushd al-Ḥafīd (Averroes) and His Exile to Lucena: Jewish Ancestry, Genealogy and Forced Conversion by Maribel Fierro

Some Remarks on the Origin of Round Quranic Scripts in al-Andalus (5th/11th-6th/12th Centuries) by Umberto Bongianino

An Arabic Inscription of the Alhambra: The Oriental Poet of the Monument by José Ramírez del Río

The Andalusian Settlement in Dry Lands: South Eastern La Mancha (XIth-XIIIth Centuries) by Pedro Jiménez Castillo and José Luis Simón García

Monographic Section

A Saadian Bath with Ottoman Influences Under al-Badī‘ Palace of Marrakech by Antonio Almagro

The Principal Portal of the Išbīliya’s Almohad Mosque by Alfonso Jiménez Martín

The Religious Ensemble of Bāb Dukkāla: Survey and Analysis by Iñigo Almela Legorburu


Memory and jihād at the Outset of the Almohads: The Kitāb al-Rawḍāt al-bahiya al-wasīma fī ghazawāt al-nabawiyya al-karīma by Javier Albarrán



Volume 22 Issue 1

Special Issue: Education

The Curriculum of Islamic Studies and Islamic Studies Education Programs in Meeting the Challenges of Globalization: A Case Study of Selected Malaysian Universities by Rosnani Hashim

Exploring Repeating Students’ Feelings and Attitudes Towards Learning ESL Writing by Ismail Sheikh Ahmad, Rosnani Kassim, and Ainol Madziah Zubairi

Islamization of Knowledge in the Curriculum among Academics at the International Islamic University Malaysia: A Structural Equation Modeling (Sem) Approach by Nik Ahmad Hisham Ismail, Mustafa Teke, and Faizah Idrus

Strategic Leadership Practices and Students’ Aspiration Outcomes: What Works in Malaysian Vocational Colleges? by Hairuddin Mohd Ali and Inas Zulkipli

Al-qiyam al-islamiyyah and Its Impact on Muslim Communities’ Stability by Ismaiel Hassanein Ahmed Mohamed, Faizah Idrus, and Fuad Mahmoud Rawash

Allah Wants You to Be Rich: Foundations of Muslim Career Development in al-Ghazālī’s Iḥyā’ ‘ulūm al-dīn by Ssekamanya Siraje Abdallah, Mastura Badzis, and Khamsiah Ismail

Hierarchy of 7M-Teacher-Leader from Islamic Perspectives by Mohamad Johdi Salleh and Abdul Karnaen

Framework for Inculcating Islamic Values through Problem Solving in Mathematics and Lesson Study Approach by Madihah Khalid

Commodification of Knowledge in Higher Education: Where Is the Seat of Maqasid al-Shari’ah and Islamisation? by Azam Othman, Suhailah Hussien, Suzana Suhailawaty Md Sidek, and Ahmad Faizuddin

Institutionalizing Education and the Culture of Learning in Medieval Islam: The Ayyūbids (569/966 AH) (1174/1263 AD) Learning Practices in Egypt as a Case Study by Merah Souad and Tahraoui Ramdane

Medieval Muslim Scholars: Teachers, Missionaries and Theoreticians, Qādi Al-nu’mān as a Case Study by Tahraoui Ramdane and Merah Souad

English for Religious Purposes: An Inquiry-Based Pedagogy for Muslim ESL Learners by Abdul Shakour Preece

The Concept of Murabbi in Muslim Education with Reference to Selected Teaching Methods of the Prophet Muhammad by Kamal J. I Badrasawi, Abdul Shakour Preece, Che Noraini Hashim, and Nik Md Saiful Azizi



Volume 22 Issue 2

Development of Islamic Values through Arabic Poetry; Contribution of Arabic Literature Websites by Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman and Nasimah Abdullah

Understanding the Minority Muslim Community in Singapore: Issues and Challenges by Norhafezah Yusof

Juristic Methods of Purifying Haram Incomes: An Analysis in the Context of Islamic Banks in Malaysia by Saidatolakma Mohd Yunus, Sayed Sikandar al Haneef, and Zuraidah Kamaruddin

Spirituality in Modern Literature: Kahlil Gibran and the Spiritual Quest by Homam Altabaa

Al-‘Usur al-Wusta

Al-‘Usur al-Wusta

Volume 25

Important New Developments in Arabographic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by Benjamin Kiessling, Matthew Thomas Miller, Maxim G. Romanov, and Sarah Bowen Savant

The Numismatic Evidence for the Reign of Aḥmad b. Ṭūlūn (254–270/868-883) by Luke Treadwell

The Abbasid “Golden Age”: An Excavation by Michael Cooperson

Conflict and Community in the Medieval Caucasus by Alison M. Vacca

Reflections on the Identity of the Arabian Conquerors of the Seventh-Century Middle East by Robert G. Hoyland

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Volume 34 Issue 4

Palestine-Israel and the Neoliberal Ideal by Luke Mathew Peterson

Palestine-Israel and the Neoliberal Ideal: Comments by Dwight Hasse

For the Good of the Nation: The New Horizon of Expectations in Rifaʿa al-Tahtawi’s Reading of the Islamic Political Tradition by David H. Warren

Review Essay

An Analysis of Islamophobia and the Anti-Islam Discourse: Common Themes, Parallel Narratives, and Legitimate Apprehensions by Mohd Yaseen Gada

Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 31 Issue 3

Two ICC Arbitrations Disturbed by Two Court Orders: The Impact of Ignoring the Power of the ICC Court to Extend the Time Limit for the Award by Mostafa Abu-Hagras

Between Theory(-ies) and Practice(-s): Legal Devices (Ḥiyal) in Classical Islamic Law by Valentino Cattelan

Developing Internet Jurisdiction in B2B and B2C Contracts: Focusing on Iranian Legal System with Comparative Study of American, English and EU Laws by Taher Habibzadeh

Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 31 Issue 4

Modern Extremist Groups and the Division of the World: A Critique from an Islamic Perspective by Mohamed Badar a and Masaki Nagata b

Does an Islamic Finance Industry Need a Unification of Standards? A Qualitative Discussion by Aminath Amany Ahmed, Azhar Mohamad, and Aghilasse Kashi

Protection against Domestic Violence in Jordanian Law and International Conventions by Laith K. Nasrawin

Fundamentals of the Real Estate Legislative System and Its Impact on Sustainable Development: Dubai Case Study by Iyad Mohammed Jadalhaq

Arab Studies Journal

Arab Studies Journal

Volume 25 Issue 2

Jungle Films in Egypt: Race, Anti-Blackness, and Empire by Ifdal Iskalat

Trapped Escape: Young Palestinian Women and the Israeli National-Civic Service by Suhad Daher-Nashif

Spiritual Capital and the Copy: Painting, Photography, and the Production of the Image in Early Twentieth-Century Palestine by Nisa Ari

The Inequality Puzzle in Egypt: What Do We Really Know? by Tamer El Gindi

Arab Self-Criticism after 1967 Revisited: The Normative Turn in Marxist Thought and Its Heuristic Fallacies by Manfred Sing

Arab Studies Quarterly

Arab Studies Quarterly

Volume 39 Issue 4

The Uses of Geography in Youssef Ziedan’s Azazeel by Sally Gomaa

Withstanding the Winds of Change? Literary Representations of the Gulf War and Its Impacts on Saudi Society by Zahia Smail Salhi

Saudi Society and the State: Ideational and Material Basis by Muharrem Hilmi Özev



Volume 64 Issue 3-4

Introduction: De-orienting the Study of Islamicate Occultism by Matthew Melvin-Koushki

From Ġāyat al-ḥakīm to Šams al-maʿārif: Ways of Knowing and Paths of Power in Medieval Islam by Liana Saif

In Defense of Geomancy: Šaraf al-Dīn Yazdī Rebuts Ibn Ḫaldūn’s Critique of the Occult Sciences by Matthew Melvin-Koushki

Esotericist Reading Communities and the Early Circulation of the Sufi Occultist Aḥmad al-Būnī’s Works by Noah Gardiner

Magie et politique : événements historiques et pensée politique dans le Šams al-maʿārif attribué à al-Būnī (mort en 622/1225) by Jean-Charles Coulon

Illuminating the Lunar Mansions (manāzil al-qamar) in Šams al-maʿārif by Daniel Martin Varisco

In Search of ʿIzz al-Dīn Aydamir al-Ǧildakī, Mamlūk Alchemist by Nicholas G. Harris

Reading the Stars at the Ottoman Court: Bāyezīd II (r. 886/1481-918/1512) and His Celestial Interests by Ahmet Tunç Şen

Physiognomy (ʿilm-i firāsat) and Ottoman Statecraft: Discerning Morality and Justice by Emin Lelić

Fears, Hopes, and Dreams: The Talismanic Shirts of Murād III by Özgen Felek

Objectifying the Occult: Studying an Islamic Talismanic Shirt as an Embodied Object by Rose E. Muravchick



Volume 64 Issue 5-6

The Feminine Ending -at as a Diptote in the Qurʾānic Consonantal Text and Its Implications for Proto-Arabic and Proto-Semitic by Marijn van Putten

Naǧīb al-Kīlānī and the Islamic Storyteller by Samira al-Khawaldeh

Grammaticalization in Emirati Arabic by Najib Ismail Jarad

Sequence Organization of Requests among Australian English and Saudi Arabic Speakers: A Contrastive Study by Saad Al-Gahtani

Asian Affairs

Asian Affairs

Volume 48 Issue 3

Is This Russia’s Moment in the Middle East? By Sir Jeremy Greenstock

From Chaos to Chaos: South Yemen 50 Years after the British Departure by Noel Brehony

The First World War and the Middle East by Rob Johnson

Afghan Refugees: The Impact on Pakistan by Anchita Borthakur

Reforms to the Federally Administered Area of Pakistan (FATA) – An Unresolved Problem by Abdur Rauf Khan Khattak

Australian Journal of Islamic Studies

Australian Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 2 Issue 3

Are Faith Based Programs Effective in Reducing Recidivism? A Case Study of Muslim Parolees in NSW by Salih Yucel and John Paget

Muslim Memories in Victoria: Building Communities and Interfaith Relations from the 1950s to the 1980s by Dzavid Haveric

The Marja‘iyya and the Juristic Challenges of the Diaspora by Liyakat Takim

Whither Minority Jurisprudence? The Case of Fiqh Al-Aqalliyat in Australia by Shaheen Whyte

The Role of the Sufi Centre Within the Muslim World by Abu Bakr Sirajuddin Cook 

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 44 Issue 4

Special Issue: The Six Day War: Fifty Years On

Introduction by Noha Mellor and Motti Golani

The Rewards of Failure: Persisting Military Rule in Egypt by Robert Springborg

The New Arab Left and 1967 by Sune Haugbolle

Islamizing the Palestinian–Israeli Conflict: The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood by Noha Mellor

In the Shadow of the 1967 War: Israel and the Palestinians by Amal Jamal

Syria – From the Six Day War to the Syrian Civil War by Eyal Zisser

From Cooperation to Normalization? Jordan–Israel Relations since 1967 by Ronen Yitzhak

The Gulf Arab States and Israel since 1967: From ‘No Negotiation’ to Tacit Cooperation by Uzi Rabi and Chelsi Mueller

Revisiting the 1967 Arab-Israel War and Its Consequences for the Regional System by Raymond Hinnebusch

Central Asian Affairs

Central Asian Affairs

Volume 4 Issue 3

How “Muslim” are Central Asian Muslims? A Historical and Comparative Enquiry by Galina M. Yemelianova

Playing Cosmopolitan: Muslim Self-fashioning, Migration, and (Be-)Longing in the Tajik Dubai Business Sector by Manja Stephan-Emmrich

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Volume 10 Issue 4

Reforms in Morocco: Monitoring the Orbit and Reading the Trajectory by Mohamad al-Akhssassi

The Current Status of Corruption in Egypt by Ahmed Alaa Fayed

Beyond Rentierism: The United Arab Emirates’ Exceptionalism in a Turbulent Region by Osman Antwi-Boateng and Mohammed Binhuwaidin

Urban Political Culture in the Arab World: The Relationship Between Orientation Towards Democracy and Political Protest by Ben Ahmed Hougua

The Hamas Movement and Its Political and Democratic Practice, 1992–2016 by Aqel Mohammed Ahmed Salah

The Political Economy of China–Arab Relations: Challenges and Opportunities by Mohamed Hamchi

The Rise of China: Beijing’s Core Interests and Possible Arab Repercussions by Nasser Al-Tamimi

Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam

Volume 11 Issue 3

Clerical Militia and Securitization of Seminary Schools in Iran by Saeid Golkar

Resisting Salafism and the Arabization of Indonesian Islam: A Contemporary Indonesian Didactic Tale by Komaruddin Hidayat by Mark Woodward

“Message to the Black Man”: Islam in 1990s Black Male Narrative Films by Kameron J. Copeland

Two Pro-Mostazafin Discourses in the 1979 Iranian Revolution by Siavash Saffari

Contemporary Levant

Contemporary Levant

Volume 2 Issue 2

Political Islam, Islam as Faith and Modernity in 1970s Egypt: A Socio-Political Reading of Ahdaf Soueif’s In the Eye of the Sun by Linda F. Maloul

Restoring Childhood: Humanitarianism and Growing up Syrian in Za`tari Refugee Camp by Melissa N. Gatter

Whose ‘Reality’? Discourses and Hydropolitics along the Yarmouk River by Hussam Hussein

The Shadows of Beiteddin Palace: Politics of Hospitality and Struggles for Sovereignty between Presidential and Regional Powers in Lebanon by Isabelle Rivoal

Critical Muslim

Critical Muslim

Issue 24

Special Issue: Populism

Introduction: Fib and Fibbers by Ziauddin Sardar

The Netherworld by Ashis Nandy

Back Home to a Darker Age by Abdelwahab El-Affendi

Loss of World by Richard Appignanesi

Three Propositions by Sindre Bangstad

Nox Populi by Gordon Blaine Steffey

My Demagogue Hero by Barnaby Rogerson

Frau Pety’s Dream by Leyla Jagiella

Awaam by Raza Ali

Desi Populism by Bhavik Doshi

A Brit in the Bible Belt by Sughra Ahmed

Cairo by Eric Wahlberg

Der Islam

Der Islam

Volume 94 Issue 2

Thematic Focus: Iran and Islam: Early Encounters

Iran and Islam: Early Encounters by Kianoosh Rezania

Descent and Inheritance in Zoroastrian and Shiʿite Law: A Preliminary Study by Maria Macuch

The Dēnkard Against Its Islamic Discourse by Kianoosh Rezania


The Monotheistic Cousins of Muḥammad’s Wife Khadīja by Michael Lecker

Ascension, Descension, and Prayer-Times in the Sīra and the Ḥadīth: Notes on Dating and Chronology by Stijn Aerts

Avicenna’s Shifāʾ (Sufficientia): in Defense of Medieval Latin Translators by George Saliba

« Textes flottants » : l’exemple d’Abū Šāma. Une écriture de l’histoire dans le Proche-Orient aux VIIe–IXe/XIIIe–XVe siècles by Muriel Roiland and Jacqueline Sublet

Observations of a Medieval Quantitative Historian? By Maxim Romanov

Heirs of Chinghis Khan in the Age of Revolutions: An Unruly Crimean Prince in the Ottoman Empire and Beyond by Hakan Kırımlı and Ali Yaycıoğlu

Bibliographie raisonnée zur arabischen Papyrologie: Neuerscheinungen 2016 und Nachträge 2013–2015 by Andreas Kaplony

Die Welt des Islams

Die Welt des Islams

Volume 57 Issue 3-4

Middle Eastern Patriarchy in Transition by Rania Maktabi and Brynjar Lia

Broken Walls: Challenges to Patriarchal Authority in the Eyes of Sudanese Social Media Actors by Albrecht Hofheinz

Beyond Preaching Women: Saudi Dāʿiyāt and Their Engagement in the Public Sphere by Laila Makboul

Islamist Women as Candidates in Elections: A Comparison of the Party of Justice and Development in Morocco and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by Katarína Škrabáková

Agents of Change: How Islamist Women Activists in Israel Are Challenging the Status Quo by Tilde Rosmer

Nationalist Patriarchy, Clan Democracy: How the Political Trajectories of Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Territories Have Been Reversed by Dag H. Tuastad

Kurdish Women in Rojava: From Resistance to Reconstruction by Pinar Tank

Reluctant Feminists? Islamist MP s and the Representation of Women in Kuwait after 2005 by Rania Maktabi

The Jihādī Movement and Rebel Governance: A Reassertion of a Patriarchal Order? by Brynjar Lia

Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and Islamic World

Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and Islamic World

Volume 15 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Gender, Law and Property Rights in the Middle East

Gender, Law, and Property Rights in the Middle East by Randi Deguilhem and Fatiha Talahite

Awqâf al-Nisâ’ : femmes et propriété immobilière en waqf à Miliana à l’époque ottoman by Ouddène Boughoufala

La propriété immobilière des femmes musulmanes de Jérusalem (1831–1841) by Musa Sroor

Femmes, waqf et droit de propriété en Iran à l’époque safavide by Mohammadreza Neyestani

Urban Tanzîmât and Corrupting Property: Women as Petitioners of Honor in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul by Eda Güçlü

The Exclusion of Women from Property in Jordan by Myriam Ababsa

Le devenir de la famille paysanne de la réforme agraire dans le Saïss au Maroc sous une perspective de genre by Lisa Bossenbroek

Réflexions sur femmes et propriété en France by Sylvette Denèfle

Sexe et genre dans les textes de la tradition juive by Jean-Marc Chouraqui

Empowerment of Women Between Law and Science by Ayman Shabana

Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and Islamic World

Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and Islamic World

Volume 15 Issue 3

Sexual Harassment in Egypt by Nadeen El-Ashmawy

Tensions between the Study of Gender and Religion by Adis Duderija

Towards a New Interpretation of Quran 4:34 by Nafiseh Ghafournia

Kinship, Expectations, and God by Keren Abbou Hershkovits

The Goose and the Gander: The Genital Wars by Richard A. Shweder

International Journal of Middle East Studies

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 49 Issue 4

Special Issue: Forced Displacement and Refugees

The Ottoman Quagmire: Malaria, Swamps, and Settlement in the Late Ottoman Mediterranean by Chris Gratien

Circassian Refugees and the Making Of Amman, 1878–1914 by Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky

Refugees and the Case for International Authority in the Middle East: The League of Nations and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East Compared by Laura Robson

Middle East Encounters 69 Degrees North Latitude: Syrian Refugees and Everyday Humanitarianism in the Arctic by Nefissa Naguib

Whose Misafirs? Negotiating Difference along the Turkish–Syrian Border by Seçil Dağtaş

Governance Strategies and Refugee Response: Lebanon in the Face of Syrian Displacement by Tamirace Fakhoury

“People Eat People”: The Influence of Socioeconomic Conditions on Experiences of Displacement in Jordan by Giulia El Dardiry

International Journal of Persian Literature

International Journal of Persian Literature

Volume 2 Issue 1

Rabindranath Tagore’s Syncretistic Philosophy and the Persian Sufi Tradition by Leonard Lewisohn

Climbing with Ṣā’eb, Sinking with Ghanī: A Comparison of Two Ghazals on Poetry by Prashant Keshavmurthy

Persian Cargo on a Russian Ark: The Role of Iran in Sokurov’s Russian Ark by Leyla Rouhi and Julie A. Cassiday

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis through the Lens of Persian Historiography by Marta Simidchieva

Metaphorical Language as a Battleground for Tradition and Newness in Late Mughal Persian by Arthur Dudney

Zahrā Khānūm Tāj al-Salṭana and Mary Wollstonecraft: A Comparative Study of “Memoirs of Tāj al-Salṭana” and “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” by Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari and Esmaeil Najar

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 50 Issue 6

Special Issue: Visualizing Iran: From Antiquity to the Present

Visualizing Iran: From Antiquity to the Present by Nacim Pak-Shiraz

Persianisms: The Achaemenid Court in Greek Art, 380–330 BCE by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

Who Has the Biggest Bulls? Royal Power and the Persepolis Apadāna by Janett Morgan

Illustrating History: Rashid al-Din and His Compendium of Chronicles by Sheila Blair

Holy Figures Portrayed in the Edinburgh Fragment of Rashīd al-Dīn’s World History by Robert Hillenbrand

Persia through the Lens: Poetics and Politics of Architectural Photographs in Pahlavi Iran by Yuka Kadoi

“Art Is a Sincere Martyrdom”: Circumventing Censorship by Encryption in the Work of Alireza Espahbod by Aida Foroutan

Peripherality and Humor in the Iranian Art Film by Chris Lippard

Shooting the Isolation and Marginality of Masculinities in Iranian Cinema by Nacim Pak-Shiraz

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Volume 28 Issue 4

Shia as Internal Others: A Salafi Rejection of the ‘Rejecters’ by Susanne Olsson

Negotiating Muslim–Christian Relations in Kenya through Waqfs, 1900–2010 by S. Athuman Chembea

Pathways to Allah: Female Conversion to Islam in Australia by Ebony King

Analogies between al-Māturīdī’s and Duns Scotus’s Ethical Perspectives by Mustafa Çakmak

The Profession of Monotheism by Elias of Nisibis: An Edition and Translation of the Fifth Session of the Kitāb al-majālis by Martino Diez

Islamic Africa

Islamic Africa

Volume 8 Issue 1-2

ʿAjamization of Islam in Africa by Fallou Ngom and Mustapha H. Kurfi

Hausa Calligraphic and Decorative Traditions of Northern Nigeria: From the Sacred to the Social by Mustapha Hashim Kurfi

Design Elements and Illuminations in Nigerian “Market Literature” in Arabic and ʿAjamī by Nikolai Dobronravin

“Corners Conceal Treasures”: Arabic Manuscripts’ Marginalia in Fuuta Jaloo and Fuuta Toro in the Nineteenth Century by Alfa Mamadou Diallo Lélouma and Bernard Salvaing

ʿAjamī Annotations in Bilingual and Manuscripts from Mande Speaking Areas: Visual and Linguistic Features by Darya Ogorodnikova

Scribal Practices in Arabic Manuscripts from Ethiopia: The ʿAjamization of Scribal Practices in Fuṣḥā and ʿAjamī Manuscripts from Harar by Sara Fani

The ʿAjamization of Islam in Ethiopia through Esoteric Textual Manifestations in Two Collections of Ethiopian Arabic Manuscripts by Adday Hernández

The Odyssey of ʿAjamī and the Swahili People by John Mugane

Inland Connectivity in Ancient Tanzania by Jonathan Walz

Islamic Law and Society

Islamic Law and Society

Volume 24 Issue 4

The Principles of Hadith Criticism in the Writings of al-Shāfiʿī and Muslim by Belal Abu-Alabbas

Before the Eternal: Muslim Law and the Eternity of Divine Speech by Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrahman Eissa

Troubling Technology: The Deobandī Debate on the Loudspeaker and Ritual Prayer by Ali Atlaf Mian

Judicial Ijtihād as a Tool for Legal Reform: Extending Women’s Right to Divorce under Islamic Law in Pakistan by Muhammad Zubair Abbasi

Algeria’s GIA: The First Major Armed Group to Fully Subordinate Jihadism to Salafism by Alexander Thurston

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 23 Issue 5

Israel as the ‘Hermeneutical Jew’ in Protestant Statements on the Land and State of Israel: Four Presbyterian Examples by Adam Gregerman

Sheikh Yusuf Qaraḍawi: Anti-Zionist or Anti-Semite? By Nesya Rubinstein-Shemer

The Exodus Myth in Commercial Advertisements in Israeli Secular and Religious Printed Press 1948–2008 by Dorit Zimand-Sheiner and Yehiel (Hilik) Limor

The Economic Dimension of China–Israel Relations: Political Implications, Roles and Limitations by Yoram Evron

Privatization of the Kibbutz and the Demand for Money by Leonid V. Azarnert

Israeli Democracy and the Right of Association: The First Attempt to Pass a Nonprofit Organisations Bill in Israel 1948–1954 by Hadara Bar-Mor and Paula Kabalo

Is Israel’s Low Rank on International Achievement Tests Really Surprising? By Sorel Cahan, Naomi Casali, Aharon Herskovitz, and Elad Segev

Non-Jewish Volunteers in the Kibbutz Movement and the Establishment of State Conversion in Israel in the 1970s by Netanel Fisher

Critical Reading of Talkbacks Discourse as Separatist Integration: On the Israeli 2004 Football Cup Victory by Lea Mandelzis, Alina Bernstein, and Sharon Ringel

Radio Presence in Online Platforms in Israel by Tal Laor, Yair Galily, and Ilan Tamir

Smartphone Usage Among Young Israeli Adults: A Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Approach by Yaron Ariel, Vered Elishar-Malka, Ruth Avidar, and Eilat-Chen Levy

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 23 Issue 6

Special Issue: A Dancing Nation? Cultural Sociology of Dance in Israel Guest editor: Dr Martina Topic

Introduction by Martina Topić

Dance in Israel as a Historical Discourse about Change (1920‒2010) by Ruth Eshel

Yardena Cohen: Creating Hebrew Dance in Mandatory Palestine by Henia Rottenberg

The Hora as a Ritual in Lyrics: Interpretations of Ritualistic Texts by Amit Assis

The City as Subject and Stage: Dance and the Formation of Tel Aviv by Nina S. Spiegel

Cultural Policy in Dance: The Embodiment of Jewish Tradition in Early Childhood Dance Education in Israel by Sari Katz-Zichrony

Dancing Their Identity: Observant Female Dance Teachers Shaping a New Path in Education by Talia Perlshtein

‘In Dance We Trust’: Comparing Trance-Dance Parties Among Secular and Orthodox Israeli Youth by Joshua Schmidt & Liora Navon

Relativism of Authenticity: Consumption and Production of Israeli National Dances Outside of Israel by Dina Roginsky

Journal of Abbasid Studies

Journal of Abbasid Studies

Volume 4 Issue 2

Qadis and Their Social Networks: Defining the Judge’s Neutrality in Abbasid Iraq by Mathieu Tillier

A Footnote to the Composition History of Maqālāt al-islāmiyyīn: The Internal Parallels in al-Ashʿarī’s Material on the Shia by James Weaver

Of Ladies and Lesbians and Books on Women from the Third/Ninth and Fourth/Tenth Centuries by Pernilla Myrne

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Volume 85 Issue 4

Religion without Religion: Integrating Islamic Origins into Religious Studies by Aaron W Hughes

Good Mosque, Bad Mosque: Boundaries to Belonging in Contemporary Germany by Elisabeth Becker

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Volume 137 Issue 3

Bridging the Gap: Two Early Texts of Islamic Legal Theory by Ahmed El Shamsy

Maimonides and the Habitus Concept by Erez Naaman

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Volume 137 Issue 4

Chronicling a Dynasty on the Make: New Light on the Early Ṣafavids in Ḥayātī Tabrīzī’s Tārīkh (961/1554) by Kioumars Ghereghlou 

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Volume 17

Post-Biblical Jewish Sources in al-Maqrīzī’s Historiography—Whence His Knowledge? by Haggai Mazuz

An Analysis of Muhammad ibn ʿAlī al-Tahānawī’s Approach in Kashshāf istilāhāt al-funūn – The Entry of huwiyya by Ismail Lala

Subversive Writing: Mona Prince’s ‘Laughing Revolution’ from Pre- to Post-2011 Egypt by Patrizia Zanelli

Some Verses by Hassān b. Thābit al-Ansārī Not Included in His Dīwān by Daniele Mascitelli

Themed Section: Arab-Sicilian and Andalusian Grammarians

Which Differences? Notes for a Project on Sicilian and Andalusian Grammarians by Mirella Cassarino and Antonella Ghersetti

Ibn al-Qattāʿ et la métrique arabe en Sicile entre le XIe et le XIIe siècle by Oriana Capezio

Originality of the Semantic Approach in Arabic Linguistic Thought, with Particular Reference to Ibn al-Qattāʿ’s Work by Francesco Grande

The Majmū’ʿa min ši’ʿr al-Mutanabbī wa-ghawāmidihi by Ibn al-Qattāʿ al-Siqillī: A Morphological and Lexical Analysis by Cristina La Rosa

Journal of Arabic Literature

Journal of Arabic Literature

Volume 48 Issue 3

Sight, Sound, and Surveillance in Baʿthist Syria: The Fiction of Politics in Rūzā Yāsīn Ḥasan’s Rough Draft and Samar Yazbik’s In Her Mirrors by Max Weiss

“As You Are Now”: Ibn Isrā’īl’s Elegies for His Daughter by Th. Emil Homerin

“It Eclipsed Cairo and Outshone Baghdad!”: Ibn Rashīq’s Elegy for the City of Qayrawan by Nizar F. Hermes

Conceiving the Pre-Modern Black-Arab Hero: On the Gendered Production of Racial Difference in Sīrat al-amīrah dhāt al-himmah by Rachel Schine

Journal of Humanity and Society

Journal of Humanity and Society

Volume 7 Issue 2

Theological Reflections on Two Problems Associated with the Concepts of Ideology and Discourse by Kayhan Ali Özaykal

The Attahashi Family: The Genealogy of the Ruler of Sungai Iyu in Aceh by Mehmet Özay

Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies

Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies

Volume 2 Issue 1

Faith in the Courthouse: Muslims, Law, and Political Belonging in Europe and Canada by Melanie Adrian

Ibn Rushd’s Political Philosophy in Contemporary Arab Scholarship: A Transient Revival? By Malik Mufti

Revolting Women? Early Kharijite Women in Islamic Sources by Carolyn Baugh

What Jihad Questions Do Muslims Ask? By Emad Mohamed and Bakinaz Abdalla

Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies

Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies

Volume 2 Issue 2

The Maṣlaḥa of Film Production in Pre-Revolutionary Egypt, 1896–1952: A Sanctioning Apparatus or Covert Censorship? by Heba Arafa Abdelfattah

Identifying Mysticism in Early Esoteric Scriptural Hermeneutics: Sahl al-Tustarī’s (d. 283/896) Tafsīr Reconsidered by Ali Humayun Akhtar

Repetition in Qurʾānic Qaṣaṣ: With Reference to Thematic and Literary Coherence in the Story of Moses by Faraan Alamgir Sayed

Countering the Sharī‘a: How Material Culture Constructs a Narrative of an “Islamic” Identity that Counters the Sharī‘a by Saira Malik

Journal of Islamic Ethics

Journal of Islamic Ethics

Volume 1 Issue 1-2

The Journal of Islamic Ethics by Mohammed Ghaly

Qurʾanic Ethics and Islamic Law by Khaled Abou El Fadl

Meta-ethics: A Quest for an Epistemological Basis of Morality in Classical Islamic Thought by Mariam al-Attar

What We Know about Maʿrūf by A. Kevin Reinhart 

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Volume 8 Issue 3

The Sālim Bin Yaʿqūb Ibāḍī Manuscript Library in Jerba, Tunisia by Paul M. Love

The Former ISTAC Library in Kuala Lumpur and Its Islamic Manuscripts. Travel Notes by Jan Just Witkam

Note on a Letter of Golius by G.J. Toomer

Journal of Islamic Studies and Culture

Journal of Islamic Studies and Culture

Volume 5 Issue 2

Global Terrorism and Islamic Radicalization: Analyses from Fethullah Gulen’s Perspective by Dr. Recep Dogan

Muslims in America: Identity Dilemma and the Islamic Fundamentals of Coexistence by Ali Akbar Alikhani and Ali Asghar Gharedaghi

Al-Qur’an as a Remedy for Human Physical and Spiritual Illnesses, and Social Vices: Past, Present and Future by Abubakar Yalwa Muhammad (Ph. D)

Spiritual Nutrition from the Islamic Point of View by Rahmatollah Marzband, Mostafa Moallemi, and Morteza Darabinia

Becoming a Muslim in the Age of Social Networking Sites: Facebook as a Space Shared by the French Converts to Islam by Mohamed Sakho Jimbira

The Concept of Human Unity and Islamic Inclusive Education: A Study of KH. Imam Zarkasyi’s Thought in Social Change by Abdul Qodir and Umiarso Dakir

Affiliations of Place, Race, Face and Faith in the Opening of al-Isra’ Quranic Discourse by Sami Al-Heeh

Karen Armstrong as a Biographer of Muhammad: A Critical Study of Muhammad: Prophet for Our Time by Muhammad Qasim Butt and Muhammad Sarfraz Khalid 

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume 8 Issue 3

Seeking Gandhi, Finding Khomeini: How America Failed to Understand the Nature of the Religious Opposition of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the Iranian Revolution by George L. Simpson

Reconsidering Ethiopia’s Ethnic Politics in the Light of the Addis Ababa Master Plan and Anti-Governmental Protests by Jan Záhořík

Pilgrimage to Mecca and “Radical” Islam: New Trends from Sub-Saharan Africa by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos

Text, Body and Law: Naked Prayer in the Commentaries of the Mukhtaṣar Khalīl by Matthew Steele

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume 8 Issue 4

Has Israel Reached the Limits of Growth? The Economic and Ecological Absorptive Capacity of Israel/Palestine by Ilan Troen and Carol Troen

“Point Men”: How Religious Women Soldiers May Restore Israel’s “Citizens’ Army” by Jan Feldman

Stop the Presses! Media Freedom in Authoritarian Regimes: A Case Study of Ben Ali’s Tunisia by Eoghan Stafford

Israel’s Best Spy—or a Master Double Agent? New Light from the Soviet Angle on the Mystery of Ashraf Marwan by Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez

The Conscription of Egyptian Christian Sailors in Medieval Muslim Naval Warfare: Taking the Long View by Myriam Wissa

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Volume 13 Issue 3

Theme: Borders and Margins

Gendered and Embodied Geopolitics of Borders, Marginalization, and Contingent Solidarity by Sara Smith

“War Is like a Blanket”: Feminist Convergences in Kurdish and Turkish Women’s Rights Activism for Peace by Nadje Al-Ali and Latif Tas

Disreputable by Definition: Respectability and Theft by Poor Women in Urban Interwar Egypt by Hanan Hammad

Putting Messianic Femininity into Zionist Political Action: The Race-Class and Ideological Normativity of Women for the Temple in Jerusalem by Rachel Z. Feldman

“One Can Veil and Be a Singer!”: Performing Piety on an Iranian Talent Competition by Farzaneh Hemmasi

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Volume 37 Issue 3

Politics of Fear and Belonging

Muslims as Victims of Security Dilemma in the West by Yusuf Nebhan Aydin

Austrian Muslims Protest Against Austria’s Revised “Islam Act” by Farid Hafez

Confronting Extremism and Radicalization

Latino Muslims and Radical Extremism: Why There Is No Daesh (ISIS) Threat in Latin America by Mehmet Ozkan

Islamophobia and the Problematization of Mosques: A Critical Exploration of Hate Crimes and the Symbolic Function of “Old” and “New” Mosques in the United Kingdom by Chris Allen

Islam, Moderation, Radicalism, and Justly Balanced Communities by Nuraan Davids

Rules and Regulations

Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy in the United Kingdom: The Need for Statutory Regulations by John F. Mayberry

Public Holidays and Equality for Muslims in Western Europe by Zhidas Daskalovski

Southeast Asia

Conflating Muslim “Conservatism” with “Extremism”: Examining the “Merry Christmas” Saga in Singapore by Walid Jumblatt Abdullah

Muslim Family Law in Southern Thailand: A Historical Overview by Mahamatayuding Samah, Raihanah Abdullah, and Nahid Ferdousi

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Volume 37 Issue 4

Nations and Nationalities

Preventing Religious Radicalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Role of the BiH Islamic Community by Hamza Preljević

Muslims in Europe: Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Integration by Asif Mohiuddin

The Swiss Minaret Ban Referendum and Switzerland’s International Reputation: A Vote with an Impact by Dina Wyler

Educating Muslim Children

The “Trojan Horse” Plot and the Fear of Muslim Power in British State Schools by Tahir Abbas

“Arabic is Not My Language…”: Debates over Teaching of Arabic in Irish Muslim Schools by Youcef Sai

Law and International Standards

Rohingya Ethnic Muslim Minority and the 1982 Citizenship Law in Burma by Md. Mahbubul Haque

Overcoming the Fear of the “Other”: Building Trust Between British Muslims and the Wider Community by Emily Knox, Asam Latif, Somaiyeh Mohammadian, Abida Malik, and Musharraf Hussain

Challenges of Diversity

Muslim Women in America: Challenges and Politics of Diversity Within American Muslim Community by Uzma Rashid

Australia and New Zealand

Releasing the “Terror Genie”: Man Haron Monis and the “Sydney Siege” by Binoy Kampmark

Muslim Minority of New Zealand in Global Context: Demographic Perspective by Yaghoob Foroutan

Journal of Muslims in Europe

Journal of Muslims in Europe

Volume 6 Issue 2

Special Issue: Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe—Local and Transnational Dimensions

Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe by Yafa Shanneik, Chris Heinhold, and Zahra Ali

Karbala in London: Battle of Expressions of Ashura Ritual Commemorations among Twelver Shia Muslims of South Asian Background by Sufyan Abid Dogra

A Minority in the Making: The Shia Muslim Community in Norway by Marianne Bøe and Ingvild Flaskerud

Between the Politics of Difference and the Poetics of Similarity by Marios Chatziprokopiou and Panos Hatziprokopiou

Shiite “Communities of Practice” in Germany by Robert Langer and Benjamin Weineck

Being a “True” Shi’ite: The Poetics of Emotions among Belgian-Moroccan Shiites by Iman Lechkar

Towards a United Shia Youth Community by Annemeik Schlatmann

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Volume 76 Issue 2

An Efficacious Invocation Inscribed on the Dome of the Rock: Literary and Epigraphic Evidence for a First-Century ḥadīth by Scott Lucas

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 22 Issue 5


The Impact of the Gulf Crisis on the Maghrib by Raphaël Lefèvre

Special Section: Loss, Displacement and Exile in Algerian Cinema

Introduction by Nabil Boudraa and Joseph Krause

Interview with Ahmed Bedjaoui ‘Algerian Cinema in the New Millennium’ by Nabil Boudraa

Philosophically Crossing the ‘New Berlin Wall’: Harragas and l’immigration clandestine in French and Francophone Cinema by Angelica Maria DeAngelis

Missing Children: Merzak Allouache and Rachid Bouchareb or, 2005 Ten Years Later by Bennet Schaber

Crossing the Mediterranean: Deterritorialised Identities in Perdus entre deux rives, Des vacances malgré tout, and La traversée by Marie-Pierre Caquot Baggett

Harragas and La pirogue: The Crucible of Clandestine Crossings by Amadou T. Fofana and M. Kathleen Madigan


How and Why to Remember the Rif War (1921–2021) by C.R. Pennell

Contextualising Street Sexual Harassment in Morocco: A Discriminatory Sociocultural Representation of Women by Habiba Chafai

Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Tunisia: Distribution of Deprivations Across Regions by Khaled Nasri and Besma Belhadj

Absence and ‘Presence’: el-Hadhra and the Cultural Politics of Staging Sufi Music in Tunisia by Richard C. Jankowsky

Libya’s Gender Wars: The Revolution Within the Revolution by Ronald Bruce St John

The Journal of Ottoman Studies

The Journal of Ottoman Studies

Volume 50

Ottoman Mythmaking and Historiography in Idris-i Bitlisi’s Hasht Bihisht by Ali Anooshahr

Lutfi Paşa as a Religious Scholar by AsIm Cüneyd Köksal

Jewish Entrepreneurs as seen in the Ottoman Tax-farming (İltizam) Contracts (1560-1630) (With 7 Documents) by Zafer Karademir

Understanding the Social Hierarchies through Rites of Eating in the 1720 Imperial Festival by Sinem Erdoğan İşkorkutan

Tragic Plot in Ottoman-Turkish Novel and Taaşşuk-ı Talât ve Fitnat as a Prototype by Alphan Akgül

A Persian Printing House in Istanbul: Tāhir the Bookman and Akhtar by Güllü Yıldız

Writing Human: An Analysis of Ottoman Biography Authorship and Its Problems in the 19th Century by Ali Akyıldız

Journal of Palestine Studies

Journal of Palestine Studies

Volume 47 Issue 1

Special Issue: The Practice of Commemoration


Historical Landmarks in the Hundred Years’ War on Palestine by Rashid I. Khalidi


Taking the Land without the People: The 1967 Story as Told by the Law by Noura Erakat

State Formation from Below and the Great Revolt in Palestine by Charles W. Anderson


The “Right to Have Rights”: Partition and Palestinian Self-Determination by Leila Farsakh

The Politics of Commemoration among Palestinians by Rochelle Davis

The First Intifada: Hope and the Loss of Hope by Khalid Farraj

Plus ça Change: The 1922 U.S. Congressional Debate on the Balfour Declaration by Khaled Elgindy

Journal of Persianate Studies

Journal of Persianate Studies

Volume 10 Issue 2

The Politics of Poetics in Early Qajar Iran: Writing Royal-Commissioned Tazkeras at Fath-ʿAli Shāh’s Court by Naofumi Abe

Thou Shalt Not Enter the Bazaar on Rainy Days! Zemmi Merchants in Safavid Isfahan: Shiʿite Feqh Meeting Social Reality by Sarah Kiyanrad

Constituting Love in Persianate Cinemas by Pedram Partovi

The Accidentality of Existence in Avicenna and Its Critique by Averroes by Yegane Shayegan, Bahman Zakipour, and Samaneh Gachpazian

Ghazā and Ghazā Terminology in Chronicles from the Sixteenth-Century Safavid Courtly Sphere by Tilmann Trausch

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Volume 19 Issue 3

Special Issue: Qur’anic Manuscripts in the Western Islamic World

Qur’anic Manuscripts in the Islamic West: Editor’s Preface by Nuría Martínez de Castilla

Corans maghrébins copiés du XIIe au XVIIe siècle. conservés dans les musées et Bibliothèques de France autres que la BnF by Marie-Geneviève Guesdon

Le prince et la nourrice by François Déroche

A Bilingual ‘Morisco Qur’an’ with Thirteen Lines to the Page by Nuria Martínez de Castilla

Un concurrent du Coran en Occident musulman du Xe/XVIe à l’aube du XIIe/XVIIIe siècle: les Dalāʾil al-khayrāt d’al-Jazūlī by Hiba Abid

Qur’anic Studies in al-Andalus: An Overview of the State of Research on qirāʾāt and tafsīr by Adday Hernández López

Le paradoxe de la transmission des qirāʾāt: entre riwāya et qiyās? By Hassan Chahdi

Abū Muḥammad b. al-Qurṭubī versus Abū ʿAlī al-Rundī: An Andalusī Polemic on the Modes of Transmission of the Qur’an by Camilla Adang

Étude d’un muṣḥaf maghrébin atypique du XVIIe siècle : analyse conjointe des qirāʾāt et des encres by Hassan Chahdi and Patricia Roger-Puyo

Journal of Religion in Africa

Journal of Religion in Africa

Volume 47 Issue 1

Special Issue: Sermon in the City: Christian and Islamic Preaching in West Africa

Introduction: Sermon in the City: Christian and Islamic Preaching in West Africa by Birgit Meyer and Abdoulaye Sounaye

Salafi Aesthetics: Preaching Among the Sunnance in Niamey, Niger by Abdoulaye Sounaye

ʻSpeaking for Islamʼ and Religious Authority in Zongos in Asante, Ghana by Benedikt Pontzen

The Pedagogies of Preaching by Bruno Reinhardt

Oral Transmission of the Sacred: Preaching in Christ Embassy and NASFAT in Abuja by Murtala Ibrahim

Sermons as Practical and Linguistic Performances: Insights from Theory and History by Abdulkader Tayob

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Volume 27 Issue 4

Nostalgia and the City: Urdu shahr āshob Poetry in the Aftermath of 1857 by Eve Tignol

Beyond Nostalgia: Time and Place in Indian Muslim Politics by Faridah Zaman

Urban Emotions Behind the Veil: An Early-Twentieth Century Muslim Wedding in Shahjahanabad by Megan Eaton Robb

Mamluk Studies Review

Mamluk Studies Review

Volume 20

The Occultist Encyclopedism of ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Bisṭāmī by Noah Gardiner

Recasting al-Bayḍāwī’s Eschatological Concept of Bodily Resurrection: Shams al-Dīn al-Iṣfahānī and Aḥmad al-Ījī in Comparative Perspective by Abdelkader Al Ghouz

Between Beirut, Cairo, and Damascus: Al-amr bi-al-maʿrūf and the Sufi/Scholar Dichotomy in the Late Mamluk Period (1480s–1510s) by Torsten Wollina

Theft, Plunder, and Loot: An Examination of the Rich Diversity of Material Reuse in the Complex of Qalāwūn in Cairo by Iman Abdulfattah

The Turbah of Sitt Sutaytah: A Funerary Foundation for a Mamluk Noblewoman in Fourteenth-Century Damascus by Ellen Kenney

Did the Mamluks Have an Environmental Sense? Natural Resource Management in Syrian Villages by Bethany Walker, Sofia Laparidou, Annette Hansen, and Chiara Corbino

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 26 Issue 4

The Nour Party: Weathering the Political Storm in Post-Revolutionary Egypt by Maha A. Ghalwash and Lawrie Phillips

Compressing Scales: Characters and Situations in Egyptian Internet Humor by Chihab El Khachab

Of Monarchs and Islamists: The ‘Refo-lutionary’ Promise of the PJD Islamists and Regime Control in Morocco by Mohamed Daadaoui

Beyond Structure and Contingency: Toward an Interactionist and Sequential Approach to the 2011 Uprisings by Mounia Bennani-Chraïbi

Iranian Cinema’s ‘Quiet Revolution,’ 1960–1978 by Ali Mirsepassi and Mehdi Faraji

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Volume 71 Issue 4

The “Enemy Within”: Citizenship-Stripping in the Post–Arab Spring GCC by Zahra Babar

Qatar and the UAE: Exploring Divergent Responses to the Arab Spring by David B. Roberts

Justice, Charity, and the Common Good: In Search of Islam in Gulf Petro-Monarchies by Miriam R. Lowi

The Para-Diplomacy of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and the Kurdish Statehood Enterprise by Yoosef Abbas Zadeh and Sherko Kirmanj

The Iraqi Occupation of Kuwait: New Historical Perspectives by Joseph Sassoon and Alissa Walter

Middle Eastern Literatures

Middle Eastern Literatures

Volume 20 Issue 3

The Poet(ry) of Frankish Enchantment: The Ifranjiyyāt of Ibn Qaysarānī by Nizar F. Hermes

A Contribution to the Literature of the First World War by Mikhail Naimy: An Analysis of the Short Story “Shorty” by Gregory J. Bell

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 53 Issue 6

Centenary of the Balfour Declaration by Michael J. Cohen

The Border as Bridge: An Israeli Perspective on the Mandelbaum Gate in Divided Jerusalem (1948–1967) by Kobi Cohen-Hattab

Turkey’s Approach Towards Israel in the 1950s: Not Merely Following US Policy by Ekavi Athanassopoulou

Half-Heartedly: Menachem Begin and the Establishment of the Likud Party by Amir Goldstein

From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Iron Dome’: US Support of Israel’s Missile Defense Systems by Arnon Gutfeld

The Kurdish Image in Statist Historiography: The Case of Simko by Kamal Soleimani

The Career of Ozdemir: A Turkish Bid for Northern Iraq, 1921–1923 by Othman Ali

‘A Matter of Political Expediency’: Iran, Britain, South Africa and the Settlement of Reza Shah’s Estate by Shaul Bakhash

The Egyptian Muslim Brothers’ Ideal State Model: A Religious State – Out; A Civil State – In by Limor Lavie



Volume 34

From the Dome of the Chain to Miḥrāb Dāʾūd: The Transformation of an Umayyad Commemorative Site at the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem by Heba Mostafa

The Agdal of Marrakesh (Twelfth to Twentieth Centuries): An Agricultural Space for Caliphs and Sultans. Part 1: History by Julio Navarro, Fidel Garrido, and Íñigo Almela

The Ilkhanid Revetment Aesthetic in the Buqʿa Pir-i Bakran: Chaotic Exuberance or a Cunningly Planned Architectural Revetment Repertoire? by Ana Marija Grbanovic

An Italian Renaissance Gate for the Khan: Visual Culture in Early Modern Crimea by Nicole Kançal-Ferrari

Life in the Khans: The Venetians in Early Ottoman Aleppo by Michele Lamprakos

A Missing Royal Mosque in Istanbul that Islamized a Catholic Space: The Galata New Mosque by Muzaffer Özgüleş

Writing the Dead: Pietro Della Valle and the Tombs of Shirazi Poets by Cristelle Baskins

Adham Ismaʿil’s Arabesque: The Making of Radical Arab Painting in Syria by Anneka Lenssen

(Re)writing the Early Biography of the Alhambra’s Fountain of Lions: New Evidence from a Neo-Latin Poem (1497) by Bernhard Schirg

Kashan Revisited: A Luster-Painted Ceramic Tombstone Inscribed with a Chronogram Poem by Muhtasham Kashani by Yui Kanda

Between Istanbul and Gujarat: Descriptions of Mecca in the Sixteenth-Century Indian Ocean by Guy Burak

The Muslim World

The Muslim World

Volume 107 Issue 4

Special Issue: The Protestant Reformation and Islam

Expansion and Imperial Politics: Renewal and Reform Across Borders by David D. Grafton

Crusade, Pacifism, and Just War: Responses to Ottoman Imperialism in the Early Reformation Era by Adam S. Francisco

The Ottoman Sociopolitical Impact on the West During the European Reformation by Ahmed Akgunduz and Ertugrul Gokcekuyu

War and Peace: Shaping Politics in Reformation Germany after the Battle of Lepanto by Stefan Hanß

Martin Luther’s Sources on the Turk and Islam in the Midst of the Fear of Ottoman Imperialism by David D. Grafton

The Renaissance Impulses That Drove Theodor Bibliander to Publish Machumetis Saracenorum by Jon Balserak

Sixteenth-Century French Travelers to the Ottoman Empire: The Impact of Travels in the Ottoman Empire on Guillaume Postel’s and Philippe Canaye’s Views of the Reformation by Christine Isom-Verhaaren

“Rather Turkish than Papist”: Islam as a Political Force in the Dutch Low Countries in the Early Modern Period by Umar Ryad

Kyrillos Loukaris’ Legacy: Reformation as a Catalyst in the 17th Century Ottoman Society by Eugenia Kermeli

Islam as Christian Trope: The Place and Function of Islam in Reformed Dogmatic Theology by Joshua Ralston

Nazariyat: Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences

Nazariyat: Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 1

İznik’te Ne Oldu? Osmanlı İlmî Hayatının Teşekkülü ve Dâvûd Kayserî by İhsan Fazlıoğlu

İbn Sînâ’dan Ebherî’ye Tam İllet-Nakıs İllet Ayrımının Ortaya Çıkışı by Muhammet Fatih Kılıç

el-Keşşâf Şerh-Haşiye Geleneğinde Tefsir İlminin Mahiyeti Tartışması by M. Taha Boyalık



Volume 45 Issue 3-4

The Essence-Existence Distinction: Four Elements of the Post-Avicennian Metaphysical Dispute (11–13th Centuries) by Fedor Benevich

The First ‘Proclean’ Section (Chapter 20) of ʿAbd al-Laṭīf al-Baġdādī’s Book on the Science of Metaphysics. Is the Pure Good of the Maḥḍ al-ḫayr Aristotle’s First Principle, Intellect in Actuality? By Cecilia Martini Bonadeo

The World-Revealing Cup by Mīr Ḥusayn al-Maybudī and Its Latin Translations by Reza Pourjavady

Two Hitherto Little-Studied Turkish Translations by Wojciech Bobowski alias Albertus Bobovius by Hannah Neudecker

Politics, Religion & Ideology

Politics, Religion & Ideology

Volume 18 Issue 4

Does the European Council for Fatwa and Research Matter? The Case of Muslims in Dortmund, Germany by Uriya Shavit and Fabian Spengler 

Review of Middle East Studies

Review of Middle East Studies

Volume 51 Issue 2


Introduction—What is Preservation? By Mirjam Brusius

Heritage Studies and Islam: A Crisis of Representation by Trinidad Rico

(En)countering Orientalist Islamic Cultural Heritage Traditions: Theory, Discourse, and Praxis by Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann

Spirits of Heritage, Specters of Ruins: Partnering with the Jinn in the Preservation of the Past by Ian Straughn

Jerusalem: Archaeologists Versus Residents? By Katharina Galor

How to View the Parthenon through the Camera Obscura of the Tortoise by Wendy Shaw

Nuns and Guns: Thoughts on Heritage, Histories, and Egyptology by Christina Riggs

Rule of Objects: On the De-Peopling of Safe Havens by William Carruthers

Shii Studies Review

Shii Studies Review

Volume 1 Issue 1-2

Treatises on the Salvation of Abū Ṭālib by Nebil A. Husayn

Classical Naṣṣ Doctrines in Imāmī Shīʿism: On the Usage of an Expository Term by Rodrigo Adem

Notes on an Arabic Translation of the Pentateuch in the Library of the Twelver Shīʿī Scholar Raḍī al-Dīn ʿAlī b. Mūsā Ibn Ṭāwūs (d. 664/1266) by Sabine Schmidtke

Zayn al-Dīn al-ʿĀmilī’s Kashf al-Rība ʿan Aḥkām al-Ghība and Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī’s Iḥyāʾ ʿUlūm al-Dīn by Devin J. Stewart

L’auteur des Rasāʾil Ikhwān al-Ṣafāʾ selon les sources ismaéliennes ṭayyibites by Daniel De Smet

Abū Yaʿqūb al-Sijistānī in Modern Scholarship by Paul Walker

A Zaydī Multitext Manuscript from the Glaser Collection (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin): MS Glaser 37 by Ekaterina Pukhovaia

Philosophical Theology among Sixth/Twelfth-Century Twelver Shīʿites: From Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī (d. after 599/1201-2 or 600/1202-3) to Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī (d. 672/1274) by Hassan Ansari and Sabine Schmidtke

Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Volume 5 Issue 4

Contextualizing Events in Imagined Communities by Sarah Shah, Gabriel A. Acevedo, and Andrea Liza Ruiz

A Wahhabi Ethic in Saudi Arabia by Abdullah F. Alrebh

Salafism in Malaysia: Historical Account on Its Emergence and Motivations by Maszlee Malik

Fading Anti-Systemicness: Tawhidi Islamists in Turkey by Feriha Perekli

Studia Islamica

Studia Islamica

Volume 112 Issue 2

The Date of the Story of the Tawwābūn by Torsten Hylén

Murūʾa by Salah Natij

La structuration financière comme enjeu de définition de l’ « islamité » by Frédéric Coste

Turkish Historical Review

Turkish Historical Review

Volume 8 Issue 2

Why Timars? Why Now? Ottoman Timars in the Light of Recent Historiography by Douglas A. Howard

Historicizing the Ottoman Timar System: Identities of Timar-Holders, Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries by Linda T. Darling

The Fall of Icarus: the Paradox of the Ottoman Centralization and the Abstraction of Timars by Muhsin Soyudoğan

Between Heterodox and Sunni Orthodox Islam: The Bektaşi Order in the Nineteenth Century and Its Opponents by Butrus Abu-Manneh

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 18 Issue 4

Changing the System through Instrumentalizing Weak Political Institutions: The Quest for a Presidential System in Turkey in Historical and Comparative Perspective by Canan Aslan Akman and Pınar Akçalı

A Glance at the Constitutive Elements of the Leader-Centered Perspective in Turkish Politics by H. Bahadir Türk

‘You Cannot Talk about Academic Freedom in Such an Oppressive Environment’: Perceptions of the We Will Not Be a Party to This Crime! Petition Signatories by Tahir Abbas and Anja Zalta

Oppositional Usages of Europeanization in Turkish Constitution-Making: Discussions on Religious Freedom by Zeynep Yanasmayan

It Is Voluntary Transfer! Exploring Healthcare Reforms in Turkey by Gözde Yilmaz

Civic Space in Turkey: A Social Capital Approach to Civil Society by Cerem I. Cenker-Özek

Ottomentality: Neoliberal Governance of Culture and Neo-Ottoman Management of Diversity by Chien Yang Erdem

Bridging the Gap Between the Particular and the Universal: An Intervention by Cemil Meriç by Hakan Ovunc Ongur and Omer Faruk Topal