Winter 2017 Journal Roundup

[Last Updated 12/04/2017] Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Five iterations have been published and the Winter 2017 edition is now online with a new update. The Winter Edition currently has issues from thirty journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their winter issues.

The journal roundup project covers over seventy English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at

Special Issues: The Middle East Journal, published by the Middle East Institute, released their seventieth anniversary issue this winter. The issue includes articles on Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Revolution and Iraq’s Shi’a community.

New Journal Issues for Winter 2017


American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Volume 34 Issue 1

An Early Jesuit Encounter with the Qur’an: Ignazio Lomellini’s Animadversiones, Notae ac Disputationes in Pestilentem Alcoranum by Paul Shore

Not Without My Daughter: Resurrecting the American Captivity Narrative by Hossein Nazari

The Post-Enlightenment Moral Crisis and the Emergence of Secular Tyranny in the Middle East by Farhan Mujahid Chak

Exploring Nejatullah Siddiqi’s Contribution to the Maqāṣid al-Sharī‘ah in Urdu Literature by Tauseef Ahmad Parray

Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 31 Issue 1

The Enforceability of the Unfair Arbitration Agreement in Consumer Disputes before Dubai Courts by Omar Husain Qouteshat

Duress and Its Impact on Contracts in the UAE Law on Civil Transactions: Analytical Study in the Light of Islamic Jurisprudence by Iyad Mohammad Jadalhaq

Hibah (Gift inter vivos) by Parent in Favour of Some Children to the Exclusion of the Others under Islamic Law by Badruddin Hj Ibrahim

‘Plural Sharīʿah’. A Liberal Interpretation of the Sharīʿah Constitutional Clause of the 2014 Egyptian Constitution by Giancarlo Anello

The GCC Human Rights Declaration: An Instrumentation of Cultural Relativism by Khalifa A. Alfadhel

Arab Studies Quarterly

Arab Studies Quarterly

Volume 39 Issue 1

Deconstructing Arab Masculinity in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent (2003): The Return of the Unheimlich by Wisam Abdul-Jabbar

Marjane Satrapi and the Graphic Novels from and about the Middle East by Chris Reyns-Chikuma and Houssem Ben Lazreg

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy

Volume 27 Issue 1

Yaḥyā Ibn ʿadī and Ibrāhīm Ibn ʿadī: On Whether Body Is a Substance or a Quantity. Introduction, Editio Princeps and Translation by Stephen Mann and Robert Wisnovsky

Abū Bakr Al-Rāzī Et Le Signe: Fragment Retrouvé D’un Traité Logique Perdu by Pauline Koetschet

The Ethical Progression of the Philosopher in Al-Rāzī and Al-Fārābī by Janne Mattila

Al-Fārābī Et La Science Des Uṣūl Al-Fiqh by Mokdad Arfa Mensia



Volume 64 Issue 1

Seasonal Poetics: The Dry Season and Autumn Rains among Pre-Islamic Naǧdī and Ḥiǧāzī Tribes by Nathaniel A. Miller

من الواقع إلى الخيال ؟أبو العنبس الصيمري وأبو الفتح الإسكندري : قراءة في مقامات بديع الزمان الهمذاني by عبد الله الشيخ موسى

La version arabe la plus ancienne de l’« Histoire d’Ali Baba » : si Varsy n’avait pas traduit Galland ? Réhabiliter le doute raisonnable by Katia Zakharia

British Journal of Middle East Studies

British Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 44 Issue 1

Attitudes Towards Culture in the New Home: Self-Initiated Expatriate Academics in Turkey by Sumeyra Alpaslan Danisman

Turkish Foreign Policy as an Anomaly: Revisionism and Irredentism Through Diplomacy in the 1930s by Seckin Baris Gulmez

Abbasid Panegyric: Badīʿ Poetry and the Invention of the Arab Golden Age by Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych

The Patterns of Syrian Uprising: Comparing Hama in 1980–1982 and Homs in 2011 by Dara Conduit

The 1934 Anti-Jewish Thrace Riots: The Jewish Exodus of Thrace Through the Lens of Nationalism and Collective Violence by Banu Eligür

The Meanings of Oriental Masquerade in T.E. Lawrence’s Arabian Ventures by Feras Alkabani

Where is the State of Israel? Testimonies from IDF Nachal Soldiers on Israel’s Territorial Integrity by Hanne Eggen Røislien

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

Volume 80 Issue 1

ʿAbd Allāh ibn al-Zubayr and the Mahdī: Between Propaganda and Historical Memory in the Second Civil War by Mehdy Shaddel

On the Identity of the Syrian abdāl by Rana Mikati

On the Margins of Minority Life: Zoroastrians and the State in Safavid Iran by Kioumars Ghereghlou

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Volume 10 Issue 1

Regime-change Agenda: The Egyptian Experience from 2011 to 2015 by Mediel Hove and Enock Ndawana

Geopolitics of Identity: Egypt’s Lost Peace by Amr G.E. Sabet

A Question of Faith? Islamists and Secularists Fight over the Post-Mubarak State by Bjørn Olav Utvik

The Christians of Jerusalem during the British Mandate, 1917–48 by Fawaz Awdat Alnaimatt

Critical Muslim

Critical Muslim

Issue 21 January-March 2017

Issue on Relations

Introduction: The Relations Matrix by Samia Rahman

Annie by Aamer Hussein

Best of All Patrons? By Syed Nomanhul Haq

Borders by Piro Rexhepi

EU’s Others by Annalisa Mormile

Caetani and East/West Relations by Benedikt Koehler

Dissolving Difference: A Dialogue by Julian Bond and Fatimah Ashrif

Kith and Kin in Japanese Politics by Mohammed Moussa

Homogeneity by Elma Berisha

Feminism Is for Everybody by Michael Vicente Perez

Reading Aloud by Saulat Pervez

Hijabi Dating by Ayisha Malik

Two Books and an Auntie by Ziauddin Sardar

Intellectual History of the Islamicate World

Intellectual History of the Islamicate World

Volume 5 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Histories of Books in the Islamicate World. Part II, 2017

Teaching the Sciences in Ninth-Century Baghdad as a Question in the History of the Book: The Case of Abū Yūsuf Yaʿqūb b. Isḥāq al-Kindī (d. after 256/870) by Sonja Brentjes

Between “Canon” and Library in Medieval Jewish Philosophical Thought by Sarah Stroumsa

Books from Abroad: The Evolution of Science and Philosophy in Umayyad al-Andalus by Miquel Forcada

A Milestone in the History of Andalusī Bāṭinism: Maslama b. Qāsim al-Qurṭubī’s Riḥla in the East by Godefroid de Callataÿ and Sébastien Moureau

Maslama al-Qurṭubī’s Kitāb Rutbat al-ḥakīm and the History of Chemistry by Wilferd Madelung

Powers of One: The Mathematicalization of the Occult Sciences in the High Persianate Tradition by Matthew Melvin-Koushki

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

Volume 6 Issue 1

Developing Discourses on Architecture: Journals Concerned with the Islamic Realm from Mimar to IJIA by Hasan-Uddin Khan

The ‘Islamic’ from a Global Historiographical Perspective by Vikramāditya Prakāsh

Section on Design in Theory

A Nineteenth-Century Architectural Archive: Syed Ahmad Khan’s Aar-us-anādīd by Mrinalini Rajagoplan

(Re)branding a (Post)colonial Streetscape: Tunis’s Avenue Habib Bourguiba and the Road Ahead by Daniel E. Coslett

Timbuktu in Terror: Architecture and Iconoclasm in Contemporary Africa by Michelle Moore Apotsos

Between the Past and the Future: Philip Johnson’s Design Thinking and Practice at GAI, Isfahan, Iran by Mehdi Azizkhani

Section on Design in Practice

Hybrid Modes of Architectural Production in the United Arab Emirates by Joe Colistra

Sancaklar Mosque: Displacing the Familiar by Berin F. Gür

International Journal of Middle East Studies

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 49 Issue 1

The Egyptian Labor Corps: Workers, Peasants, and the State in World War I by Kyle J. Anderson

The Political Economy of Private Printing in Cairo as Told from a Commissioning Deal Turned Sour, 1871 by Kathryn A. Schwartz

The Afghan Discovery of Buddha: Civilizational History and the Nationalizing of Afghan Antiquity by Nile Green

Fear and Loathing in “Gavur” Izmir: Emotions in Early Republican Memories of the Greek Occupation (1919–22) by Ellinor Morack

Vulnerability and Recognition in Syrian Prison Literature by R. Shareah Taleghani

Egyptian Comics and the Challenge to Patriarchal Authoritarianism by Jacob Høigilt

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 50 Issue 1

Islam without Fuqahāʾ: Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ and His Perso-Islamic Solution to the Caliphate’s Crisis of Legitimacy (70–142 AH/690–760 CE) by Najm al-Din Yousefi

The Visualization of Shaykh Ṣafī al-Dīn Isḥaq Ardabilī: A Unique Illustrated Copy of the Ṣafvat al-Ṣafā at the Aga Khan Museum Collection and Its Illustrations by Aslıhan Erkmen

The Battle of Chālderān: Official History and Popular Memory by Barry Wood

Prelude to War: The Russian Siege and Storming of the Fortress of Ganjeh, 1803–4 by George Bournoutian

In Search of “Equitability”: Sir John Cadman, Rezā Shah and the Cancellation of the D’Arcy Concession, 1928‒33 by Gregory Brew

Dative Case Marking in Vafsi within the OT Framework by Mahinnaz Mirdehghan and Saeed Reza Yousefi

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 50 Issue 2

Achaemenid Empire, Tribal Confederations of Southwestern Persia and Seven Families by Ali Bahadori

A Gāthic Rite? A Critique of the Cosmological Interpretation of the Gāthās I by Amir Ahmadi

The Death of Rostam: Literary Representations of Iranian Identity in Early Islam by D. Gershon Lewenthal

Muslim-Christian Polemics and Scriptural Translation in Safavid Iran: ʿAli-Qoli Jadid al-Eslām and his Interlocutors by Alberto Tiburcio

The Persian–Portuguese Encounter in Hormuz: Orientalism Reconsidered by Ghoncheh Tazmini

“Down with the Monarchy”: Iran’s Republican Moment of August 1953 by Siavush Randjbar-Daemi

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Volume 28 Issue 1

Representations of Sharia in Three Global Cities: Sydney, New York and Geneva 2008–2013 by Adam Possamai, Jennifer E. Cheng, Stephane Lathion, and Malcom Voyce

The Meaning of Pilgrimage (Hajj): Re-shaping the Pious Identity of Belgian Turkish Muslims by Erkan Toguslu

Ramadan’s Radical Reform by Tom Wilson

Voices of Islamic Authorities: Friday Khutba in Malaysian Mosques by Mohd Al Adib Samuri and Peter Hopkins

Somalis as Samaritans: A Glimpse into Christian–Muslim Relations in Eastern Africa from the Perspective of Evangelical Kenyan Christians by Ken Chitwood

Tradition, Reason, and Qur’anic Exegesis in the Modern Period: The Hermeneutics of Said Nursi by Hakan Çoruh

Islamic Law and Society

Islamic Law and Society

Volume 24 Issue 1-2

Volume 24 on Exploring the Islamic Juridical Field in the Russian Empire, 2017

Exploring the Islamic Juridical Field in the Russian Empire: An Introduction by Paolo Sartori

Take Me to Khiva: Sharīʿa as Governance in the Oasis of Khorezm (19th–Early 20th Centuries) by Paolo Sartori and Ulfatbek Abdurasulov

Sharīʿa Debates and Fatwas among Nomads in Northern Kazakhstan, 1850–1931 by Allen J. Frank

Muslim Charity under Russian Rule: Waqf, Sadaqa, and Zakat in Imperial Russia by Danielle M. Ross

Married or not Married? On the Obligatory Registration of Muslim Marriages in Nineteenth-Century Russia by Rozaliya Garipova

Beyond the Taqlīd/Ijtihād Dichotomy: Daghestani Legal Thought under Russian Rule by Rebecca Gould and Shamil Shikhaliev

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 23 Issue 1

Can China–Taiwan ‘Cross-Straits’ Relations Serve as a Model for Israeli–Palestinian Cooperation? A Proposal by Shoujun Cui, Joshua Teitelbaum, and Meron Medzini

Turkey’s Islamist Movement and the Palestinian Cause: The 1980 ‘Liberation of Jerusalem’ Demonstration and the 1997 ‘Jerusalem Night’ as Case Studies by Umut Uzer

Elon Moreh as a Symbol by Elona Hornstein and Yossi Goldstein

Sources of Media Bias in Coverage of the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: The 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid in German, British, and US Newspapers by Michael Neureiter

Reading Between the Lines: Questionable Medical and Journalistic Ethics in Israeli Newspaper Coverage of Medications by Anat Klin and Yovav Eshet

The Policy of Non-Decision: The Case of the Dying Patient Law and the Vegetative State Patients in Israel by Shlomit Flint-Ashery, Michal Neubauer-Shani, and Efraim Jaul

The Impact of Unguided Rocket Firings on the Israeli Capital Market by Tchai Tavor

The Effect of Changes in Life Expectancy on Pension Plans in Israel by Idit Sohlberg and Shaul Yutav

Audience Gestures and Horizon of Expectations in Israeli Theatre by Naphtaly Shem-Tov

The Gap Between Knowledge and the Ability to Apply It: The Case of Adult Jewish-Israeli Physical Activity by Sima Zach, Sabina Lissitsa, and Yair Galily

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Volume 60 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Modernity in the Maghrib

Modernity in “Antique Lands” by James McDougall

A World No Longer Shared by James McDougall

Slave to Modernity? General Ḥusayn’s Journey from Tunis to Tuscany (1830s-1880s) by M’hamed Oualdi

Believe in the Border, or, How to Make Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century Maghrib by Brock Cutler

Consuming Anxieties by Etty Terem

The Persisting Spectre of Cultural Decline by Ismail Warscheid

Journal of Islamic Studies

Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 28 Issue 1

Ibn Rushd and Natural Law: Mediating Human and Divine Law by Karen Taliaferro

Sufism in Fatimid Egypt and The Problem of Historiographical Inertia by Nathan Hofer

Contextualizing the Deobandi Approach to Congregation and Management of Mosques in Colonial North India by Sana Haroon

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume 8 Issue 1

Rereading the Qur’ān and Challenging Traditional Authority: Political Implications of Qur’ān Hermeneutics by Rahel Fischbach

The British and Irish Press and the Outbreak of War with the Ottoman Empire in 1914 by Justin Fantauzzo

Mad at Tangier: Hygienist Discourses, Mental Disorders, and European Competition for Hegemony in Early Twentieth-Century Morocco by Francisco Javier Martínez

How Far “Above the Fray”? Jordan and the Mechanisms of Monarchical Advantage in the Arab Uprisings by Daniel P. Brown

Maritime Navigation, Energy Security, and Peace Dividend: Exploring the Historic Developments of the Dead Sea Conveyance Project by Samuel E. Willner

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Volume 13 Issue 1

Are They Married?: Muslim Marriages and the Interrelationship between Transnationalism and Ethnonationalism in the Gulf by Attiya Ahmad

Fair to Swear?: Gendered Formulations of Fairness in Football in Turkey by Yağmur Nuhrat

Gendering Landscapes of War through the Narratives of Soldiers’ Mothers: Military Service and the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey by Senem Kaptan

Themed Section on Egyptian Women Writers and Feminism

Egyptian Women’s Writings by Miriam Cooke

The Saadawian Androgyny by Zimu Niu

Feminist Voices of the 1990s Generation: A Quest for Identity in Miral al-Tahawy’s Blue Aubergine by Valerie Anishchenkova

Ethnographic and Literary Reflections on Miral al-Tahawy’s The Tent by Caroline Seymour-Jorn

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 22 Issue 1

Comparative Analysis of State and Civil Society Discourse on the Implementation of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child in North Africa by Paul Chaney

Ambiguities of Student Activism, Authoritarianism and Democratic Attitudes: The Cases of Egypt and Morocco by Nadine Sika

Economic Liberalisation Policies and (Non-Islamic) Market Coalition in Egypt by Evrim Gormus

The Greek Community of Sfax and Djerba in Tunisia Between 1890 and 1940 and Its Role in the Local Economy by Antonios Chaldeos

Developing Tourism Products in Line with Islamic Beliefs: Some Insights from Nabeul–Hammamet by Michele Carboni, Carlo Perelli, and Giovanni Sistu

Women Resisting Terror: Imaginaries of Violence in Algeria (1966–2002) by Maria Flood

The Medieval Climate Anomaly as a Factor in the History of Sijilmasa, Southeastern Morocco by Adam W. Schneider

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 22 Issue 2

Politics, Identity and Temporality in Colonial Algeria in the Early Twentieth Century by Rabah Aissaoui

Assia Djebar and the Legacy of French Colonialism in Algeria: Mimicry and Subalternity in Nowhere in My Father’s House by Amar Guendouzi

Dilemmas of Desert Survival in an Age of Imperialism: Mizabi Merchants in Algeria from 1830 to 1850 by Donald C. Holsinger

Democracy Aid or Autocracy Aid? Unintended Effects of Democracy Assistance in Morocco by Anna Khakee

Moving Beyond Mobility: The Aesthestics of Exile and Becoming in Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine’s Légende Et Vie d’Agoun’chich by Khaled Lyanlahy

The Cult of the Dead in Mauritania: Between Traditions and Religious Commandments by Souadou Lagdaf

Journal of Ottoman Studies

Journal of Ottoman Studies

Issue 49

Hocaların Hocası Halil İnalcık’ın Ardından by Seyfi Kenan

In Memoriam: With Halil Hoca at the Quads of the University of Chicago by Fariba Zarinebaf, Linda Darling, Palmira Brummett, and Daniel Goffman

Tarihçilerin Kutbu Halil Hoca’nın Ardından by Akşin Somel

Menteşe Bey’in İsmi, Menşe’i ve Menteşeoğulları’nın Vakıflarına Dair / On the Name and the Origin of Menteshe Beg and the Waqfs by Vedat Turgut

Osmanlı Tarihinin İlk Büyük Savaş Anlatımı: Osmanlılarla Karamanlılar Arasındaki Frenkyazısı Muharebesi (1386/1387) / The Earliest Narrative of a Major War in Ottoman History: The Battle of Frenkyazısı between the Ottomans and the Karamanids (1386/1387) by Feridun M. Emecen

Yeni Bir Belgeye Göre XVI. Yüzyılın İlk Yarısında Osmanlı Mülâzemet Sistemi / Ottoman Mulâzemet System in the First Half of the 16th Century in the Light of a New Document by Ercan Alan

Yüzyıl Osmanlı Bürokrasisinde Mâliye Ahkâm Katipleri / Clerks of Maliye Ahkam Bureau in Ottoman Bureaucracy in the 16th Century by Rıfat Günalan

Crimean Scholars and the Kadizadeli Tradition in the 18th Century / 18. Asırda Kırımlı Âlimler ve Kadızadeli Geleneği by Mykhaylo M. Yakubovych

Bir Osmanlı Paşasının Padişahlık Rüyası: Sokulluzâde Hasan Paşa ve Resimli Dünya Tarihi / Sultanate Dream of an Ottoman Pasha: Sokulluzâde Hasan Paşa and His Illustrated World History by Tülün Değirmenci

Coffeehouse Sociability: Themes, Problems and Directions / Kahvehane Sosyalleşmesi: Temalar, Problemler ve Yollar by Özlem Çaykent and Derya Gürses Tarbuck

İslâmî Kitap San’atlarında Standartlaşma: Usta-Çırak İlişkisi ve İcazet Geleneği / Standardization in the Islamic Arts of the Book: The Master-Apprentice Relationship and the Tradition of Licensing by İrvin Cemil Schick

Sultan Abdülmecid’in İnşa Ettirdiği Muvakkithaneler / Clock Rooms Constructed during the Reign of Sultan Abdulmecid by Şefaattin Deniz

Yüzyıl Osmanlı Başkentinde Entelektüel Bir Acem: Mirza Habib İsfehanî ve Terekesi / A Persian Intellectual in the 19th Century Ottoman Capital: Mirza Habib Isfahani and His Tereke by Filiz Diğiroğlu

Arnavutluk Tarih Ders Kitaplarında Osmanlı/Türk İmgesi / The Image of Ottomans/Turks in the History Schoolbooks in Albania by Bülent Bilmez

Journal of Palestine Studies

Journal of Palestine Studies

Volume 46 Issue 2

Criminalizing Resistance: The Cases of Balata and Jenin Refugee Camps by Alaa Tartir

Special Feature on Palestinian Migration, 1870–1940

Introduction by Cecilia Baeza

Claiming Identities in Palestine: Migration and Nationality under the Mandate by Lauren Banko

Legislating Exclusion: Palestinian Migrants and Interwar Citizenship by Nadim Bawalsa

Return Migration and the Rise of the Palestinian Nouveaux Riches, 1870–1925 by Jacob Norris 

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Journal of Qur'anic Studies

Volume 19 Issue 1

Text-Critical Approaches to Sura Structure: Combining Synchronicity with Diachronicity in Sūrat al-Baqara (Part One) by Marianna Klar

Ibn Taymiyya as Exegete: Moses’ Father-in-Law and the Messengers in Sūrat Yā Sīn by Younus Y. Mirza

The Legal Epistemology of Qur’anic Variants: The Readings of Ibn Masʿūd in Kufan fiqh and the Ḥanafī madhhab by Ramon Harvey

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Volume 27 Issue 2

‘The Pillars of State:’ Some Notes on the Qarachu Begs and the Kešikten in the Īl-Khānate (1256-1335) by Michael Hope

A Theoretical Component of Political Inegalitarianism in Perso-Islamicate Thought by Alireza Shomali

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 26 Issue 1

Special Issue on the “Legacy of the Iran-Iraq War in Contemporary Iran”

War and Resentment: Critical Reflections on the Legacies of the Iran-Iraq War by Kaveh Ehsani

Development, Mobilization and War: The Iranian Construction Jehad, Construction Mobilization and Trench Builders Association (1979–2013) by Eric Lob

Dark Corners and the Limits of Ahmad Dehqan’s War Front Fiction by Amir Moosavi

The Outcasts: The Start of ‘New Entertainment’ in Pro-Regime Filmmaking in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Narges Bajoghli

Reconceptualizing Rural Entrepreneurship Discourse from a Social Constructionist Perspective: A Case Study from Iran by Hassan Shahraki and Reza Movahedi

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Volume 71 Issue 1

Tahrir Square, From Place to Space: The Geography of Representation by Zvi Bar’el

The Idea of the Civil State in Egypt: Its Evolution and Political Impact following the 2011 Revolution by Limor Lavie

The Islamic Da’wa Party and the Mobilization of Iraq’s Shi’i Community, 1958 –1965 by Ranj Alaadin

The Military and the State in Iran: The Economic Rise of the Revolutionary Guards by Hesam Forozan and Afshin Shahi

The Logic and Illogic of an Israeli Unilateral Preventive Strike on Iran by Gil Merom

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 53 Issue 1

Special Issue: From Aden to Abu Dhabi – Britain and State Formation in Arabia 1962 – 1971: A Retrospective

Aden, South Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: A Retrospective Study in State Failure and State Creation by Clive Jones

A Triumph of Realism? Britain, Aden and the End of Empire, 1964–67 by Aaron Edwards

The Missing Link? Police and State-Building in South Arabia by James Worrall

Explaining the Triumph of the National Liberation Front by John Albert Noel Brehony

The Nasser Factor: Anglo-Egyptian Relations and Yemen/Aden Crisis, 1962–65 by Robert McNamara

The North Yemen Civil War and the Failure of the Federation of South Arabia by Asher Orkaby

Failure and Success in State Formation: British Policy Towards the Federation of South Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by Simon C. Smith

Anglo-American Relations over Aden and the United Arab Emirates, 1967–71 by Tore Petersen

From Union (ʾīttihād) to United (muttahida): The United Arab Emirates, a Success Born of Failure by Brandon Friedman

Aden and the Gulf: The Reflections of a Political Officer by Stephen Day

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 53 Issue 2

Sufism and Islamist Activism in Morocco: An Examination of the Tradition of ‘Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong’ in the Thought of ʿAbd al-Salam Yassine by Sam Houston

Integrating Non-Jewish Immigrants and the Formation of Israel’s Ethnic–Civic Nationhood: From Ben Gurion to the Present by Netanel Fisher and Avi Shilon

A Jew in Cairo: The Defiance of Chehata Haroun by Yoram Meital

Baghdad College and the Geopolitics of Desire: The Jesuit Presence and Al-Futuwa Nationalists by Wisam Kh. Abdul-Jabbar

Lone-Wolf or Terror Organization Members Acting Alone: New Look at the Last Israeli–Palestine Incidents by Shaul Bartal

Things That Matter: Nostalgic Objects in Palestinian Arab Homes in Israel by Kobi Peled

The Status of Armenian Christians in Post-Independence Israel: The First Decade by Randall S. Geller

The Tradition of Tattooing in Siverek, Turkey by Ahmet Taşğın & Marcello Mollica

Turkish Transformation and the Soviet Union: Navigating Through the Soviet Historiography on Kemalism by Vahram Ter-Matevosyan

The Bedouins in the Galilee in the War of Independence of Israel 1948–1950 by Muhammad Youssef Suwaed

The Muslim World

The Muslim World

Volume 107 Issue 1

Special Issue: The State of Middle Eastern Youth

Part I. Issue Around Youth in the Middle East

Dimensions of Youth Exclusion in the Middle East by Hilary Silver

High Aspirations and Limited Opportunities: A Comparison of Education Quality in the MENA Region and its Implications for Youth by Samar Farah

The School-to-Work Transition in Palestine: The Role of Education and Family Background by Edward Sayre

Part II. Middle Eastern Youth’s Behavior, Views, and Identity Dilemmas

Aspirations, Poverty and Behavior Among Youth in the Middle East: Some Theoretical Considerations by Manata Hashemi

Youth, Religion and Democracy After the Arab Uprisings: Evidence from the Arab Barometer by Michael Robbins

The Arab Unrest and Debates on Immigration in the United Kingdom: A Generational Analysis of British-Libyan Youth by Sherine Eltaraboulsi-McCarthy

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 18 Issue 1

Special Issue: Conventional versus Non-Conventional Political Participation in Turkey: Dimensions, Means, and Consequences

Conventional Versus Non-Conventional Political Participation in Turkey: Dimensions, Means, and Consequences by Christiano Bee and Ayhan Kaya

A Participatory Generation? The Generational and Social Class Bases of Political Activism in Turkey by Murat İnan and Maria T. Grasso

Voting Behavior of the Youth in Turkey: What Drives Involvement in or Causes Alienation from Conventional Political Participation? By Ayşegül Kayaoğlu

Between Gezi Park and Kamp Armen: The Intersectional Activism of Leftist Armenian Youths in Istanbul by Hrag Papazian

Negotiating ‘The Political’: A Closer Look at the Components of Young People’s Politics Emerging from the Gezi Protests by Pınar Gümüş

The Weakest Link or the Magic Stick?: Turkish Activists’ Perceptions on the Scope and Strength of Digital Activism by Şenay Yavuz Görkem

Europeanization of Civil Society in Turkey: Legacy of the #occupygezi Movement by Ayhan Kaya

Youth Activists and Occupygezi: Patterns of Social Change in Public Policy and in Civic and Political Activism in Turkey by Cristiano Bee and Stavroula Chrona

Stand-In as a Performative Repertoire of Action by Özge Derman