Spring 2016 Journal Roundup

The journal roundup project covers over sixty English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. The following list of journals have published new issues for Spring 2016. The tables of contents appear below the full list and the journal titles are linked to the journal homepages.

The list will be updated as new issues become available. Maydan will publish a new Journal Roundup every quarter. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at journals@themaydan.com.

New Journal Issues for Spring 2016

Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Volume 28 Issue 1

Special Issue: Constructing the Umayyads: From Mecca to Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ

Constructing the Umayyads: From Mecca to Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ by Andrew Marsham

Caliphal Imperialism and Ḥijāzī Elites in the Second/Eighth Century by Harry Munt

From Traders to Caliphs: Prosopography, Geography and the Marriages of Muḥammad’s Tribe by Majied Robinson

Challenging Authority: Al-Balādhurī and al-Ṭabarī on Khārijism during the Reign of Muʿāwiya b. Abī Sufyān by Hannah Hagemann

“They fled to their remote Islands”: Al-Ḥakam II and al-Majūs in the Muqtabas of Ibn Ḥayyān by Ann Christys

Heirs and Spares: Elite Fathers and Their Sons in the Literary Sources of Umayyad Iberia by Nicola Clarke

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Volume 33 Issue 2

Islam as a Platform for Politics: The Post-9/11 U.S. Conservative Popular Security Discourse by David D. Belt

Discovering Doris Lessing: Convergences between Islam and Her Thoughts by Md. Mahmudul Hasan

On the Limitation and Openendedness of the Shari’ah’s Necessary Universals: A Perspective by AbdulHameed Badmas Yusuf

The Growing Trend of Homeschooling in the Washington Metropolitan Area Muslim Community by Zahra Seif-Amirhosseini

Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 30 Issue 2

The Legal Implications of ‘Fatwā Shopping’ in the Islamic Finance Industry: Problems, Perceptions and Prospects by Umar A. Oseni, Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad, and M. Kabir Hassan

Additional Tier 1 Capital Instruments under Basel III: A Sharīʿah Viewpoint by Beebee Salma Sairally, Marjan Muhammad, and Madaa Munjid Mustafa

Disabled Persons under the Jordanian Sales Tax and Customs Laws: Favourable Treatment among Conflicting Rules by Ibrahim Kamel Al Shawabkeh

Debt Instruments in Islamic Finance: A Critique by Muhammed Shahid Ebrahim and Mustapha Sheikh

Arab Studies Journal

Arab Studies Journal

Volume 24 Issue 1

The Moroccan Equity and Reconciliation Commission: The Promises of a Human Rights Archive by Susan Slyomovics

The Paper Trail of a Liberation Movement by Hana Sleiman

Trial of the Status Quo: The Politics of Mediated Justice in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon by Sari Hanafi, Are Knudsen, and Robert Flahive

Special Section: The Arab Left in Egypt and Lebanon

New Approaches to Arab Left Histories by Sune Haugbolle and Manfred Sing

A Tale of Two Communists: The Revolutionary Projects of the Lebanese Communists Husayn Muruwwa and Mahdi ‘Amil by Miriam Younes

Arwa Salih’s The Premature: Gendering the History of the Egyptian Left by Hanan Hammad

The Anatomy of a Crisis: On Mahdi ‘Amil’s Naqd al-Fikr al-Yawmi by Samer Frangie

The Leftist, the Liberal, and the Space in Between: Ziad Rahbani and Everyday Ideology by Sune Haugbolle

Lebanon’s al-Akhbar and Radical Press Culture: Toward an Intellectual History of the Contemporary Arab Left by Jens Hanssen and Hisham Safieddine

Special Section: New Paradigms Factory

Inviolable Sheikhs and Radical Subjects: Bahrain’s Cyclical Sovereignty Crisis by Ala’a Shehabi

Sovereignty from Below: State Feminism and Politics of Women against Women in Tunisia by Imen Yacoubi

Arab Studies Quarterly

Arab Studies Quarterly

Volume 38 Issue 2

The Conundrum of the Palestinian Two-State, One-State Solution by Ghada Hashem Talhami

Recounting Memories of Resistance in 33 Days by Syrine Hout

Popular Determinant on Civil-Military Relations in Turkey by Yavuz Cilliler

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy: A Historical Journal

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy: A Historical Journal

Volume 26 Issue 1 March 2016

Philosophy and Medicine in Jewish Provence, Anno 1199: Samuel Ibn Tibbon and Doeg the Edomite Translating Galen’s Tegni By Gad Freudenthal And Resianne Fontaine

Samuel Ibn Tibbon as the Author of Melaḵah Qeṭanah, the Hebrew Translation from Arabic of Galen’s Tegni: Probes into the Evolution of His Philosophical Terminology By Gad Freudenthal

Existential Import in Avicenna’s Modal Logic by Saloua Chatti

Avicenna on Animal Self-Awareness, Cognition and Identity by Ahmed Alwishah

Where Does Avicenna Demonstrate The Existence Of God? By Daniel D. De Haan

Gundissalinus on Necessary Being: Textual and Doctrinal Alterations in the Exposition of Avicenna’s Metaphysica by Nicola Polloni

Dialecticians and Dialectics in Averroes’ Long Commentary on Gamma 2 of Aristotle’s Metaphysics by Yehuda Halper



Volume 63 Issue 1-2

The Caliphate of Adam: Theological Politics of the Qurʾānic Term Ḫalīfa by Han Hsien Liew

The Peoples’ Hadith: Evidence for Popular Tradition on Hadith as Physical Object in the First Centuries of Islam by Sarah Z. Mirza

A Concise Numerical Guide for the Perplexed Shiite: Al-Barqī’s (d. 274/888 or 280/894) Kitāb al-Aškāl wa-l-qarāʾin by Roy Vilozny

Tradition and Medicine on the Wings of a Fly by Oded Zinger

La fonction du ʿakkām dans la caravane des pèlerins : un métier méconnu, à la lumière d’un document légal mamelouk inédit by Moez Dridi

Asian Affairs

Asian Affairs

Volume 47 Issue 2

States and Non-States: The Levant in Turmoil by Sir John Jenkins

China-Israel Arms Trade and Co-Operation: History and Policy Implications by Islam Ayyadi and Mohammed Kamal

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Volume 9 Issue 2

Parliamentary Elections and the Future of the Political System in Egypt by Hassan Nafaa

The Role of Think Tanks in Influencing Policy-Making in Israel by Heba Gamal el-Din

Iraq’s Stunted Growth: Human and Economic Development in Perspective by Bassam Yousif

Arab Contemporary Political Thought: Secularist Or Theologist? By Georges Corm

Special Section: The Future of Change in the Arab World: Part II

The Future of Reform in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar by Yousef Khalifah al-Yousef

The Future of Change in the Arab World: Towards an Exit Plan from the Current Arab Impasse by Khair el-Din Haseeb

Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam

Volume 10 Issue 2 May 2016

British Muslim Lesbians: Reclaiming Islam and Reconfiguring Religious Identity by Asifa Siraj

Individual Agency through Imagining Transnational Community: Converting to Islam in Modern China by Alexander Stewart

The British State ‘Security Syndrome’ and Muslim Diversity: Challenges for Liberal Democracy in the Age of Terror by Stefano Bonino

The Relationship between Words and Being in the World for Students of Qur’anic Recitation in Brussels by Mieke Groeninck

“Baay Is the Spiritual Leader of the Rappers”: Performing Islamic Reasoning in Senegalese Sufi Hip-Hop by Joseph Hill

Contemporary Levant

Contemporary Levant

Volume 1 Issue 1

Special Issue: Revisiting the Arab Uprisings: Reflections from Within and from Without

The Political Subject in the ‘Arab Spring’ by Philip Marfleet

The Price of Influence: Ethics and British Foreign Policy in the Arab Middle East after Iraq by Zoe Holman

Learning in Revolution: Perspectives on Democracy from Egypt’s UK-Based Diaspora Activists by Helen Underhill

Climate Migrants as Protestors? Dispelling Misconceptions about Global Environmental Change in Pre-Revolutionary Syria by Christiane J. Fröhlich

The Collapse of Social Networks among Syrian Refugees in Urban Jordan by Matthew R. Stevens

‘Le Printemps Démocratique’: Amazigh Activism in the February 20 Movement in Southern Morocco by Daniele Rossi-Doria

Critical Muslim

Critical Muslim

Issue 18 April-June 2016

Detroit Do Mind Dying by Hassan Mahamdallie

Medieval Basra by Robert Irwin

Tashkent Odyssey by Eric Walberg

Inside the Vatican by Paul Vellely

Festive Bradford by Syima Aslam and Irna Qureshi

Der Islam

Der Islam

Volume 93 Issue 1 April 2016

Aswāq-cum-Maghāzī: Commerce and Conflict in Late Antique Arabia by Karim Samji

Abū Zayd al-Balkhī and the Naṣīḥat al-mulūk of Pseudo-Māwardī by Louise Marlow

Rôle de la Coutume dans la Formation du Droit Malikit by Nejmeddine Hentati

Poetic Anthology of Ibāḍī Theology. Historical Readings of Ibn al-Naẓar’s al-Daʿāʾim and its Commentaries by Abdulrahman al-Salimi

À propos de la fonction des disques légers en verre à inscriptions arabes d’époques fāṭimide et post-fāṭimide: ṣanaǧāt ou jetons fiduciaires? By Abdelhamid Fenina

“A Rather Small Genre”: Arabic Works against Non-Muslim State Officials by Luke Yarbrough

Who Really Wrote the Ottoman Turkish Story of Hallāj? By Bill Hickman

Vicissitudes of a Holy Place: Construction, Destruction and Commemoration of Mashhad Ḥusayn in Ascalon by Daniella Talmon-Heller, Benjamin Z. Kedar, and Yitzhak Reiter

Die Welt des Islams

Die Welt des Islams

Volume 56 Issue 1

Islamic Nationalism through the Airwaves: Taqī al-Dīn al-Hilālī’s Encounter with Shortwave Radio, 1937–39 by Henri Lauziere

Between “Public” Islam and “Private” Sufism: Producing a National Icon through Mass Mediated Hagiography by Hatsuki Aishima

The Early History of Kurdish Studies (1787–1901) by Sacha Alsancakli

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

Volume 5 Issue 1 March 2016

Consuming Culture: Tourism and Architecture by Hasan-Uddin Khan

Invisible Geographies in the Study of Islamic Architecture by Abidin Kusno

Design in Theory Section

The Balyan Family and the Linguistic Culture of a Parisian Education by Alyson Wharton

The Jordan Gate Towers of Amman: Surrendering Public Space to Build a Neoliberal Ruin by Eliana Abu-Hamdi

Expertise in the Name of Diplomacy: The Israeli Plan for Rebuilding the Qazvin Region, Iran by Neta Feniger and Rachel Kallus

Between Self and Citizenship: Doxiadis Associates in Postcolonial Pakistan, 1958–1968 by Farhan Karim

Design in Practice Section

Restoration of the Thag Baba Shrine in Kashmir: A Forgotten Mughal Tomb for an Intoxicated Sufi Saint by Hakim Sameer Hamdani

International Journal of Middle East Studies

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 48 Issue 2 May 2016

Scale in the Balance: Reading with the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (“The Arabic Booker”) by Anne-Marie E. McManus

When the Zionist Idea Came to Beirut: Judaism, Christianity, and the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Translation of Zionism by Jonathan Marc Gribetz

“Please Deny These Manifestly False Reports”: Ottoman Diplomats and the Press in Belgium (1850–1914) by Houssine Alloul and Roel Markey

Prayer and the Islamic Revival: A Timely Challenge by Aaron Rock-Singer

The Islamic Republic Of Iran’s Foreign Policy and Construction Jihad’s Developmental Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa by Eric Lob

International Humanitarian Agencies and Iraqi Migration in Preconflict Syria by Sophia Hoffmann

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 49 Issue 2

Special Issue: Sasanian Iran and Beyond: a Special Volume in Honour of Michael G. Morony and His Contributions to Late Antique History

Michael Morony, An Academic Biography by Touraj Daryaee and Khodadad Rezakhani

The Limits of Sasanian History: Between Iranian, Islamic and Late Antique Studies by Touraj Daryaee

From the “Cleavage” of Central Asia to Greater Khurasan: History and Historiography of Late Antique East Iran by Khodadad Rezakhani

“Who Would be Mine for the Day!”: Irano-Judaic Marriage Customs in Late Antiquity by Haleh Emrani

The “Warrior of the Lords”: Smbat Bagratuni at the Center and Periphery of Late Sasanian Iran by Scott McDonough

Writing the History of the “Persian Arabs”: The Pre-Islamic Perspective on the “Naṣrids” of al-Ḥīrah by Greg Fisher and Philip Wood

On the Seclusion of Women in Antiquity by Siamak Adhami

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 49 Issue 3

The Dialogical Tradition of Iranian Modernity: Monazereh, Simultaneity, and the Making of Modern Iran by Hamid Rezaeiyazdi

“Shop-lease Contract with Sar-qofli” in the Post-Iranian Revolution Era: Deletion of “Haqq-e kasb o pisheh o tejārat” from the Law of Lessor–Lessee Relationships by Yoko Iwasaki

On Liberty in Talebof’s Thought by Mehran Mazinani

The Phonology of Marvdashti Dialect by Nezam Emadi

When the Subject is the Object: Islamic Advice Literature Modes and the Treatment of Slavery in The Qābūs Nāmih and The Nasirean Ethics by Amin Azad Sadr

Beyond the One-World Frame of Fiction: The Breakdown of Reality in Hushang Golshiri’s Stories by Arta Khakpour

Peasant Uprisings in Astarabad: the Siyāh Pūshān (wearers of black), the Sayyids, and the Safavid State by Rula Jurdi Abisaab

Quietness beyond Political Power: Politics of Taking Sanctuary (Bast Neshini) in the Shi‘ite Shrines of Iran by Peyman Eshaghi

Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations

Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations

Volume 27 Issue 2

American Muslims and Contemporary Hahahahalal Comedy by Morgane Thonnart

For God or Country? Comparing the Sources of Anti-American and Anti-Muslim Attitudes by Rebecca A. Glazier and William J. Miller

Recasting Gendered Paradigms: An Indonesian Cleric and Muslim Women in the Malay World by Khairudin Aljunied

The Dark Side of Liberalization: How Myanmar’s Political and Media Freedoms Are Being Used to Limit Muslim Rights by Ronan Lee

Myth, Meaning and the Order of Words: Reading Hadith Collections with Northrop Frye and the Development of Compilation Criticism by S.R. Burge

Islamic Africa

Islamic Africa

Volume 7 Issue 1

On Writing and Weaving. Muslim Scholarship in Seventeenth-Century Central Sudanic Africa by Dorrit van Dalen

Islam and Democracy: Debating Electoral Involvement on the Kenya Coast by Hassan Mwakimako and Justin Willis

Sacred Topography: A Spatial Approach to the Stelae of Gao-Saney by Georg Leube

Islam and Literacy in Northern Mozambique: Historical Records on the Secular Uses of the Arabic Script by Liazzat J.K. Bonate

A Conflict between Divine Texts and Human Legal Needs? By Ahmed Meiloud

The Kano ‘Mosque-Tower’ or ḥaṣūmiyā: The Creation of a Myth By Allan Leary

From Middle Eastern to African to African Islamic History by Anne K. Bang

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 22 Issue 2

Writing Jewish History by David Vital

How Do States Die: Lessons for Israel by Steven R. David

Towards a Biblical Psychology for Modern Israel: 10 Guides for Healthy Living by Kalman J. Kaplan

The Past as a Yardstick: Europeans, Muslim Migrants and the Onus of European-Jewish Histories by Amikam Nachmani

The Mental Cleavage of Israeli Politics by Eyal Lewin

Framing Policy Paradigms: Population Dispersal and the Gaza Withdrawal by Matt Evans

National Party Strategies in Local Elections: A Theory and Some Evidence from the Israeli Case by David Nachmias, Maoz Rosenthal, and Hani Zubida

‘I Have Two Homelands’: Constructing and Managing Iranian Jewish and Persian Israeli Identities by Rusi Jaspal

Avoiding Longing: The Case of ‘Hidden Children’ in the Holocaust by Galiya Rabinovitch and Efrat Kass

‘Are You Being Served?’ The Jewish Agency and the Absorption of Ethiopian Immigration by Adi Binhas

The Danger of Israel According to Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi by Shaul Bartal

Leisure in the Twenty-First Century: The Case of Israel by Nitza Davidovitch and Dan Soen

Limits to Cooperation: Why Israel Does Not Want to Become a Member of the International Energy Agency by Elai Rettig

The Attitude of the Local Press to Marginal Groups: Between Solidarity and Alienation by Smadar Ben-Asher and Ella Ben-Atar

The Construction of Israeli ‘Masculinity’ in the Sports Arena by Moshe Levy, Einat Hollander, and Smadar Noy-Canyon

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Volume 84 Issue 1 March 2016

Special Concentration: Roundtable on Normativity in Islamic Studies

Islamic Origins and Incidental Normativity by Jonathan E. Brockopp

Destabilizing Orthodoxy, De-territorializing the Anthropology of Islam by Zareena Grewal

What Does “Modernity” and “Postmodernity” Mean to Northern Nigerians? By Sarah Eltantawi

Normative Readings of the Qur’an: From the Premodern Middle East to the Modern West by Elliott Bazzano

To Work for Change: Normativity, Feminism, and Islam by Juliane Hammer

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Volume 136 Issue 1 January-March 2016

From Archive to Archival Practices: Rethinking the Preservation of Mamluk Administrative Documents by Konrad Hirschler

“Pray with Your Leader”: A Proto-Sunni Quietist Tradition by Stijn Aerts

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Volume 16

The Twelfth-Century Documents of St. George’s of Tròccoli (Sicily) by Vera von Falkenhausen, Nadia Jamil, and Jeremy Johns

Three Arabic Novels of Expatriation in the Arabian Gulf Region: Ibrāhīm Nasrallāh’s Prairies of Fever, Ibrāhīm ‘Abdalmagīd’s The Other Place, and Sa’ūd al-San’ūsī’s Bamboo Stalk by Hani Elayyan

Significant Intersections between Legal and Rhetorical Theories: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Reading of al-Bāqillānī’s Theory of Language by Rachel Anne Friedman

Who Was ‘Umar ibn Sayyid? A Critical Reevaluation of the Translations and Interpretations of the Life by William Costel Tamplin

One Piece of the Puzzle: Notes on the Historic Interdental Fricatives /θ, ð, ðˁ/ in the Arabic Dialect of Gaza City by William M. Cotter

La conception ğāhizienne de l’adab d’après son épître Sinā’āt al-quwwād by Salih Natij

Journal of Islamic Studies

Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 27 Issue 2 May 2016

The Universe in Flux: Reconsidering Abū Manṣūr Al-Māturīdī’s Metaphysics and Epistemology by Philip Dorroll

The Classical Ashʿari Theory of Aḥwāl: Juwaynī and His Opponents by Fedor Benevich

Murder in Aleppo: Ottoman Conquest and the Struggle for Justice in the Early Sixteenth Century by Timothy J. Fitzgerald

Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume 7 Issue 1

Boko Haram: The Strategic Evolution of the Islamic State’s West Africa Province by J. Peter Pham

Contesting Method: Discussing the Historical-Critical Approach to the Qur’ān in Lebanon by Rahel Fischbach

Urban Area and Hinterland: The Case of Abadan (1910–1946) by Nimrod Zagagi

Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

Volume 12 Issue 1 March 2016

Armenian Women, Legal Bargaining, and Gendered Politics of Conversion in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth- Century Aleppo by Elyse Semerdjian

From Flat to Round Men: Male Characters in Saudi Women’s Fiction by Sanna Dhahir

The Politics of the Qabaday (Tough Man) and the Changing Father Figure in Syrian Television Drama by Rebecca Joubin

How “God Becomes a Lover”: Sufi Poetry and the Finitude of Desire in Kurdistan by J. Andrew Bush

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

Volume 36 Issue 1

“Minority Identity” Section

“Muslims are the New Jews” in the West: Reflections on Contemporary Parallelisms by Uriya Shavit

Portrayal of Muslims Following the Murders of Lee Rigby in Woolwich and Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham: A Content Analysis of UK Newspapers by Imran Awan and Mohammed Rahman

“On Being Muslim” Section

Humor and Identity on Twitter: #muslimcandyheartrejects as a Digital Space for Identity Construction by Emily Regan Wills and Andre Fecteau

Burger Jihad: Fatal Attractions at a Sufi Lodge in Pakistan by Mikkel Rytter

“The Minority Experience” Section

Muslim Faith and Work Ethic in the United States Virgin Islands by Lomarsh Roopnarine

Active Ageing: Social and Cultural Integration of Older Turkish Alevi Refugees in London by Sema Oglak and Shereen Hussein

Micro-Macro Interactions in Ethno-Religious Homogamy among Hui Muslims in Contemporary China: The Roles of Residential Concentration and Aging by Zheng Mu and Qing Lai

“The Challenges of Learning” Section

Shifting Language Loyalties: A Case Study of Sunni Mauritian Muslims by Sanju Unjore and A.M. Auleear Owodally

“When will They Ever Learn”? Selective Discrimination in Provision of Schooling Facilities in Muslim Majority Areas: A Case Study of Murshidabad District of West Bengal, India by Arijit Das

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Volume 75 Issue 1 April 2016

Jewish Christianity and the Qurʾān (Part Two) by Patricia Crone

A New Tree Name in Egyptian: r-b-r-n = “juniper” in the Tale of Wenamun by Marwan Kilani

A New Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscription from Pancarlı Höyük: Language and Power in Early Iron Age Samʾal-YʾDY by Virginia R. Herrmann, Theo van den Hout, and Ahmet Beyazlar

Journal of North African Studies

Journal of North African Studies

Volume 21 Issue 3

Egyptian Coup of 2013: An ‘Econometric’ Analysis by Andrey Korotayev, Leonid Issaev, and Alisa Shishkina

From The February 17 Revolution to Benghazi: Rewriting History for Political Gain by Ronald Bruce St John

The French Colonial Policy in Tunisia between 1920 and 1930 and Its Influence on the Greek Community by Antonios Chaldeos

Attitudes towards Israel in Tunisian Political Debate: From Bourguiba to the New Constitution by Filippo Petrucci and Marisa Fois

A Voice with an Elusive Sound: Aphasia, Diglossia, and Arabophone Algeria in Assia Djebar’s The Nouba of the Women of Mount Chenoua by Ziad Bentahar

Nostalgia for al-Andalus in Early Modern Moroccan Voyages en Espagne: al-Ghassānī’s Riḥlat al-wazīr fī iftikāk al-asīr (1690–91) as a Case Study by Nizar F. Hermes

Fernea in Morocco: The Women’s Exotic World by Rachid Agliz

Learned Women: Three Generations of Female Islamic Scholarship in Morocco by Sumayya Ahmed

Becoming Amazigh: Standardisation, Purity, and Questions of Identity by Dris Soulaimani

A Perceptual Analysis of Phrasal Stress in Amazigh by Rdouan Faizi

Journal of Palestine Studies

Journal of Palestine Studies

Volume 45 Issue 3

From the Small Zinzana to the Bigger Zinzana: Israeli Prisons, Palestinian Prisons by Thomas W. Hill

Unfulfilled Promise: Palestinian Family Reunification and the Right of Return by Nabila El-Ahmed and Nadia Abu-Zahra

Constitutionalizing Sophisticated Racism: Israel’s Proposed Nationality Law by Amal Jamal

Journal of Sufi Studies

Journal of Sufi Studies

Volume 5 Issue 1

Building al-Būnī’s Legend by Jean-Charles Coulon

Sufism contra Shariah? Shāh Walī Allāh’s Metaphysics of Waḥdat al-Wujūd by Muhammad U. Faruque

The Presence of Poetry, the Poetry of Presence by Oludamini Ogunnaike

Mathal – Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Studies

Mathal – Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Studies

Volume 5 Issue 1

The Location of Memory: Diachronic and Synchronic Alibism and Hui Identity by Ziad Bentahar

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 25 Issue 2

Conquest of Paradise: Secular Binds and Coptic Political Mobilization by Candace Lukasik

Nubians in Contemporary Egypt: Mobilizing Return to Ancestral Lands by Maja Janmyr

Family Feast Observance in a Lebanese Melkite Village by Nancy W. Jabbra

Anatomy of the Turkish Emergency State: A Continuous Reflection of Turkish Raison d’état between 1980 and 2002 by Egemen B. Bezci and Güven Gürkan Öztan

Origins of the Islamic Republic’s Strategic Approaches to Power and Regional Politics: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Khomeini’s Discourse by Latife Reda

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Volume 70 Issue 2

The Formation of Syrian Opposition Coalitions as Two-Level Games by Jonas Bergan Draege

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and the Spectacle of Hama by Dara Conduit

Neo-Iranian Nationalism: Pre-Islamic Grandeur and Shi’i Eschatology in President Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s Rhetoric by Navid Fozi

Menachem Begin’s Attitude toward the Jewish Religion by Avi Shilon

Why Was Moshe Sharett Sacked? Examining the Premature End of a Political Career, 1956 by Neil Caplan

Policy Essay

Renegotiating the Ruling Bargain: Selling Fiscal Reform in the GCC by Justin Gengler and Laurent A. Lambert

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 52 Issue 3

The Frailties of Prisons in Post-Colonial Sudan: From Rehabilitation to Retribution, 1956–1989 by W.J. Berridge

The 1967 Arab–Israeli War: Soviet Policy by Other Means? by Kenny Kolander

‘A Situation That Had To Be Manipulated’: The American Airlift to Israel during the Yom Kippur War by Arnon Gutfield and Boaz Vanetik

Infiltration and the Making of Israel’s Emotional Regime in the State’s Early Years by Orit Rozin

Tel Aviv and the Question of Separation from Jaffa 1921–1936 by Tamir Goren

The Fundamental Characteristics of the Kurdish Nationhood Project in Modern Iraq by Aram Rafaat

‘Strong, United and Independent’: The British Foreign Office, Anglo–Iranian Oil Company and the Internationalization of Iranian Politics at the Dawn of the Cold War, 1945–46 by Alexander Nicholas Shaw

Debt, Diplomacy and Dreadnoughts: The National Bank of Turkey, 1909–1919 by Jonathan Conlin

Hashish Traffickers, Hashish Consumers, and Colonial Knowledge in Mandatory Palestine by Haggai Ram

The Muslim World

The Muslim World

Volume 106 Issue 2 April 2016

Special Issue: New Conversations in Islamic and Christian Political Thought

New Conversations in Islamic and Christian Political Thought by Afifi al-Akiti and Joshua Hordern

On Conducting the Conversation

Islamic and Christian Political Thought as Comparative Religious Ethics by Robin W. Lovin

Is There a Paradox of Learning from the Other? Four Questions and a Proposal by Andrew F. March

Conducting the Conversation: Insights from the Historical and Theological Contextualization of Edward Said’s Orientalism by Todd M. Thompson

Law, Politics, and Moral Reasoning

Nature, Revelation and the State in Pre-Modern Sunni Theological, Legal and Political Thought by Mohammed Fadel

Law and Moral Community in Pre-Modern Christian Thought: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Western Tradition by Joan Lockwood O’Donovan

Creation, Judgement and the State in Christianity and Islam by Jonathan Chaplin

Natural Law and Wisdom Traditions by F. Russell Hittinger

Loyalty, Obligation, and Duty

Loyalty, Royalty and Obligation: ‘Good Shepherds under Law’ by Joshua Hordern

Loyalty and Obedience to the Ruler: Religious Obligation or a Practical Necessity? By Asma Afsaruddin

On Fighting as an Individual Duty in Islam by John Kelsay

Special Article

Caliphate and Political Jurisprudence in Islam: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Volume 4 Issue 1-2

When a Sleeping Giant Wakes – A Neoclassical Realist Analysis of China’s Expanding Ties in the Middle East by Tugrul Keskin and Christian N. Braun

Adhering to the Ways of Our Western Brothers by Mohammed Turki A al-Sudairi

Chinese Soft Power and Green Energy Investment in the Greater Middle East by Juan R.I. Cole

China and the International Non-Proliferation Regime by Mohiaddin Mesbahi and Mohammad Homayounvash

Explaining Beijing’s Shift from Active to Passive Engagement in Relation to the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Guy Burton

The Prospects for Turkish – Chinese Bilateral and Multilateral Security Cooperation by Leonore G. Martin

China in Turkish Academic Literature by Seriye Sezen

The Gulf Looks East by Geoffrey F. Gresh

Seek Knowledge Even If It Takes You to China (Via Washington) Saudi Arabia and China in the Twenty-First Century by Sean Foley

Studia Islamica

Studia Islamica

Volume 111 Issue 1

Amorous or Scientific Metaphors? Abū Nuwās, the Beginning of the End of the Aristotelian Cosmos, and an Incoherence by al-Naẓẓām by Leonardo Capezzone

Cyclical Time in the Ismāʿīlī Circle of Ikhwān al-ṣafāʾ (Tenth Century) and in Early Jewish Kabbalists Circles (Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries) by Ehud Krinis

Penser la voie muḥammadienne: Le renouveau soufi à Fès au XIII e/XIX e siècle by Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino

Turkish Historical Review

Turkish Historical Review

Volume 7 Issue 1

Producing Representational Spaces for the Republican Memory in Samsun, Turkey by İnci Basa

Turkey’s Relations with Greece in the 1920s: The Pangalos Factor by Gözde Emen

Between Hostility and Hospitality: Neighbourhoods and Dynamics of Urban Migration in Istanbul (1730–54) by Madoka Morita

In the Process of Being Levantines. The ‘Levantinization’ of the Catholic Community of Izmir (1683–1724) by Filomena Viviana Tagliaferri

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 17 Issue 2

An Aggregate Analysis of the AKP Vote and Electoral Continuities in the Turkish Party System by Arda Can Kumbaracıbaşı

Motives for Reforms on Civil–Military Relations in Turkey by Arzu Güler and Cemal Alpgiray Bölücek

Gezi Park Protests in Turkey: From ‘Enough Is Enough’ to Counter-Hegemony? By Funda Gençoğlu Onbaşi

Strategic Interaction and Social Construction in Foreign Policy Analysis: The Helsinki Strategy Revisited by Faidon Zaras

Parallel Lives? The Greek and Turkish Dictatorships’ Self-Transformation Stories by Ioannis Tzortzis

A Close-Knit Bunch: Political Concentration in Turkey’s Anadolu Agency through Twitter Interactions by Dağhan Irak

Karabük Industrial Heritage Site and Associated Regeneration Projects in Turkey by Meltem Özkan Altınöz